Narcolepsy: this is the life when you fall asleep without wanting to

The narcolepsy became not a disorder accepted until well into the TWENTIETH century Henry Nicholls, a writer and biologist, british, the sufferer since the

Narcolepsy: this is the life when you fall asleep without wanting to

The narcolepsy became not a disorder accepted until well into the TWENTIETH century

Henry Nicholls, a writer and biologist, british, the sufferer since the age of 21

has Just published 'Sleep because', a work that addresses sleep disorders

Probably the word narcolepsy does not tell you much. Perhaps it is even the first time that you hear. The thing revolves around the dream. The bad dream, best said. One of the disorders more hard and dangerous, which makes the person to stay asleep without control. Is it more akin to the hackneyed and die from sleep and may occur behind the wheel, in full concert of Metallica or watching some lions on a safari.

This latter circumstance, although it is exaggerated, is the one that lived Henry Nicholls, a prestigious writer and biologist in the uk has just published 'Sleep already. An essay on narcolepsy, insomnia and the importance of sleep'. (Ed. Blackie Books). In the second race, with 21 years, began in their case the first symptoms of a problem that, 20 years later still marking their lives. "It is a disorder that affects people deeply, because it prevents them from leading a normal life, to socialize, to follow the schedules of friends...". Sitting in a café of a hotel in madrid, speaks of the gaps that still surround the world of the dream, "we still do not know why we sleep or why we dream of", and recalls the liberation that was for him to put a name to their torture. "Was that yes, the impact that would have on my life," he admits now. "It takes between 5 and 15 years, on average, in diagnosing narcolepsy".

And one of the goals of the book is that if there are people, which is reflected in symptoms or in any of the testimonies recorded in the book can go to the doctor before. "The Internet has helped a lot in this sense. There are more people than we think with this problem." And you should pay attention to a public special. "It is very important in the case of children who develop it. It can manifest itself at any age, but 15 years is a age key. Not diagnose it in time will have a noticeable impact when they are adult". Narcolepsy is not turned into a disorder accepted until well into the TWENTIETH century.

beyond narcolepsy

But if this condition already imposed considerable, there are various pathologies linked to the narcolepsy that even worsen the picture and that can be "more devastating even". We talk about the cataplexy, in which an intense emotion causes "sagging of all the muscles of the body, as happens in one of the phases of the dream," described in the book Nicholls. If with the lion and the snooze time has already passed his own, in a chairlift in the French Alps prevented a tragedy when he saw a groundhog!: "Sitting with my friend Kate (...) The head I collapsed on the chest and my skis resbalaron the footplate and began to pull my torso collapsed. If my ski poles had not stuck, my body would have been wrung out of the fluffy seat and would have fallen from about ten meters of height", collected in the book.

Paradoxes of life, these episodes are usually seen with "positive emotions", either the joy or the euphoria. "In my case, prevents me from participating in team sports, I have too well", he says with some derision. "It's sad, but it is not something that changes my life." For many people, however, supposed to avoid situations like dating, meeting friends... "You protect and do not want to risk. Disorders of the sleep you end up isolating". A joke and a laugh can be the trigger to go to the ground without more.

sleep disorders affect at some time in their life to the half of the population, however, are not yet on the agenda. "Public health policies relate to the diet, to stress, to the importance of physical activity...". Just is studied in the faculties of Medicine, despite the fact that it is already known that a sleep-deficient influences -and a lot - in the health. There are those who are presumed to be of little sleep, as is the case of Donald Trump, president of the US, which boasts of devoting only "three or four hours," to this basic function for the body and the mind. Nicholls recommends that you do not listen to these voices and remember that "sleeping too little causes an increased appetite, risk of obesity, high blood pressure, likelihood of developing depression and an increased cognitive decline".

to Publish this book, she confesses, has been a great therapy for Nicholls. "From what I've written I've achieved quality in the dream. It is still amazing to experience have visitors waking up refreshed in 20 years." Yes, the medication prevents you from enjoy the 'best' of narcolepsy: "The dreams are incredible. Very creative and very alive. Sometimes I stop taking it only by dreaming a bit."

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Updated Date: 29 October 2018, 19:00

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