Quique San Francisco: "What says Willy Toledo is terrible. Has a pathology"

The actor goes to the tables with his new show 'The Penultimate' at the Teatro Cofidis Alcázar. Grabbed a beer, Quique San Francisco (Madrid, 1955) shoots aga

Quique San Francisco:

The actor goes to the tables with his new show 'The Penultimate' at the Teatro Cofidis Alcázar. Grabbed a beer, Quique San Francisco (Madrid, 1955) shoots against all. Why, yes: with education and its unmistakable mood thug.

What we're going to tell on 'The Penultimate'?I mess with people, but with education. What happens is that it is difficult because we are in a time in which it is impossible to do something that is not cabree to someone in the audience. So, I've decided that I'm going to piss off everyone.But you have never been in trouble for expressing your opinions, or do you?Really, I'd have to ask another question. What is everything that you've wanted to say and not what you've done?Have you ever self-censored?Yes, of course. There are things that now you can't say because they look like shit.What? What are the things you said 10 years ago that now you cannot express?10 or 20 years ago I could carry a Spanish flag and I would not call the look. Because I am Spanish, do you understand me? Now if I put the flag, already by the fact of taking it, I am a look. We have reached such a level of gilipollez that is terrible. People already defines you politically and not on a personal level. If you ask me what party I am, I answer: "I do not touch the balls. Judge me as a person, but not from the perspective of a collective, because I'm not interested". I hate the collective. Right now we live in absolute chaos because of the populism and the collective. What happens is that you are a person who falls well. It is not the same if you say a stupid notion that if the said Willy Toledo. What says Willy Toledo seems to me terrible. What this guy is already funny. I know the lord and have a pathology. It is a personal problem. Do you think that you're overdoing it?Yes. It is a thing in addition to obsolete, out of time, that we live to inherit the hatreds of previous franco regime. It is of the living, and in the end, the politicians. When you do not have something to do, looking at the past to face the people. All with an aim that is absolute, that is the power. Are not lovers of this country. As politicians think: "I'm going to do what you need, although annoying to my country, just for votes." Now, the politicians that we have are a shame. The people are very angry, but, sometimes, the vote of the indignados out frog: the Brexit, Trump...Yes, this is unpredictable. You think that the political project of some people is unworkable, ridiculous and anachronistic.What do you mean?To things you want to do, but you can't. Politicians have a tendency to create a happy world and what they are creating is a world of shit. What they want is for everyone to be equally poor. With respect to the poor. That is the equality that will give. Before I do the question, I am not of any party. I think that we should elect politicians instead of parties. But here you have it all very well mounted. I have lifted in the morning with another president of the Government of a somewhat sui generis. I already know that this is a thing that have them mounted with the Constitution. Well, gentlemen, you will have to change the Constitution so that we can have in power people who is lover of his country and not swindlers, liars and manipulators. And no do not ask me more for the policy.At this point in the film, is it a miracle that you can upload to a scenario?The nice thing about this job is that you do not retire ever. You retire the public. Quique San Francisco opens his mouth and the audience is laughing. How do you do it?I don't know. It must be because of the reputation that goes before me. It is true. Sometimes I go out, I say nothing and laugh. And I feel like saying: "you Should respect me a little more than I am already an older person". What I want to make clear is that I am not monologuista. I am an actor and I have to know how to do monologues. But is what I have done in my life.And, now, why do so many monologues?Do not call you to the cinema?I just made a movie in the Canary islands with Jean Reno, the French actor. Yes you have called me, but I have been offered a wage ridiculously low and, on the other hand, some papers that I have not liked.Debutaste to eight years in theater. Do not you would imagine of a child prodigy.My mother, I fucked up. I loved as a child prodigy. He did what he wanted, knew a lot of people, traveled, made film, but not studying. I went into the circle of those children at the time of Marisol. But my mother never allowed me to out and I'm glad of your decision.You say that your mother taught you the value of discipline.Well, my mother and Fernán Gómez. What was a bit of Fernán Gómez?Fernán Gómez me humbled because I doubled up on a movie to get to the dubbing in a deplorable state. And, directly, I got another voice. He gave Me a lesson spectacular. I did a lot of damage, but he had all the reason. Have you ever obeyed anyone?Yes, my mother and women that I have been. I have a tendency to obey them, even knowing in advance that I'm going to be wrong. How is the experience of knowing a father at the age of 17?My case was quite funny, and with very little drama. When we were and I saw a mr. blonde with a coat of corduroy elegant, I thought that this man was my father. And we salute you.Can you forgive so many years of absence?I understand my mother and my father. I have lived with the two. My mother became pregnant and wanted to have this child that I am. And, then, not turned to see in life. My father was a person that had a few large values, but it was a very gulf. You also have fame gulf.Yes, but my father was excessively gulf. Have you been a don Juan?No, by God. But I've been at my side many wonderful women. How many times have you been arrested?A lot. At least, 15.What was the most resounding?When I lived Franco, I was four days in the Sun tucked into a bags. Then, you have no possibility of attorney. Had not the right to anything. You could have 72 hours or a month. I removed the light and with that they miss a lot of the notion of time. You have spoken without taboos the drugs. How did it go?With a lot of willpower and many more eager to live than to end up dying. But, during the whole life, the man has been linked to the drugs. They are absolutely necessary. Suppose the greatest satisfaction for a sick person when the das. However, the excessive use for the colocones is more complicated. At the beginning, it can be fun, but then ceases to be one. Your generation was that of the heroine, the of the horse.Yes, I get the worst of it. Came just the horse and I got out of it. One of the things that I'm happy with myself is leaving. But I have no problem saying that I smoke a joint when I feel like it. I refuse to not be able to say that. But, since then, the other thing, no way. And another thing that I regret is the years that I gave to my mother and to the people that was around me. Lost to Antonio Flores, who was one of your best friends.I have lost many friends, among them, Antonio, with whom he lived. He was like my brother. We were 24 hours together. It is very painful. Not only will I have lost to him, but to people that is not known. Now, the cannabis is to legalize in some countries. What would you say to young people who use?They smoke joints, but not to put other things. I'd rather have a son who smokes dope once in a while to be alcoholic with 14 years. Alcohol is a drug very hard and does a lot of damage. How spain is very permissive with alcohol?Yes, it is amazing. The young people respected and some people more. Many of the people who pretend to educate the young people are the most ill-fated that there are and lose credibility. As, for example, who?The young people think this is a joke and that is all full of sausage. At present, there are few laws that allow a minor to be able to paste to his father and, in addition, report her. It seems to Me something terribly serious because it faces the parents with the children, like the psychosis, that have been created between the man and the woman. We are enemistando. Have you changed your attitude towards women? Are you now more careful?I haven't had to be careful in my life because with me have never been in these situations.I mean to say a pyrope.Look, I with the age that I am, I already touch the balls all and if I want to say a compliment to a woman, I will tell you. I'm not going to saying compliments for the street, but, sometimes, yes I do. And I respond in a pleasant way. I think that for a woman, that will say a compliment is something nice, when you say well, of course. To see what compliments you talk to me. This in the end is going to end that you're going to say "beautiful" to a woman and you are going to answer: "how Precious? how you called me beautiful you are to me?". We are living in a time terribly tacky. There is decades more bright and others less so. I think that we are in one of the worst decades that I have lived in our country. You suffered a serious motorcycle accident. What do you learn after so many operations?I've had several. The disease is not recommend it to anyone. The only thing you get is the capacity for suffering. It is very painful. But when you grab a bike and do paragliding, you know that you are taking a risk.Do you also do paragliding?Yes, of course. When from a young age you are well, I am good for the things that I've done. What has been the greatest folly you have committed? Besides throw in paragliding.No, that is not a madness. Many times the greatest folly that I have done is to tell my girlfriend who was coming home soon and I have taken three days to get back. The arrival is tremendous. I feel a fear of scary to climb up the ladder. All of that is wonderful provided that you respect. Now, has lost the respect of the woman to man or man to woman. I would think that it is not so. I seem to be awful these collective motions, which judge from the collective and conflicting. Right now, anyone watching tv would think that we are in a country of bastards macho to hit women. And that is a lie, is absolutely uncertain. But I do not go to enmity in my fucking life with women. But there are minds more soft and more manipulable. As of the catalans: how to get through a language-to cause a confrontation so terrible. In addition, it is a cul-de-sac.It is ridiculous. When you read the foreign newspapers, we are the shame of the EU. Is cachondean of us. The political representatives need to know that descojonan of them. I don't think that there is no honest politician. To be a politician and be honest is very difficult. At the end, instead of an interview, we are talking politics you and I, but good. He said Kirk Douglas that when one becomes a star, does not change, but all the others do. What happened to you?That means that when you're a star, that they were a bunch of bastards and not look at you, after that, you pay more attention and tell you that they are great friends with. It is sad but it is so. It is true. Do you share in Masterchef Celebrity?I would not mind at all. I feel sorry for them, of course. I have not been called, but yes to things more terrible still like Big Brother. Would you have called for Big Brother?Yes, yes, and for Survivors.It would be great to Quique San Francisco in Big Brother, isn't it?Seen from the outside, I also think that it could be fun, but the best thing is that it is not. But I don't have much tolerance or as many balls to get up there and endure that situation. THE LAST QUESTION. What would happen if God was a comedian?It never has been. The sense of humor of God is very relative. It is not like Shakespeare to you, until you do not know him well do not you realize that he had a great sense of humor. In any case, I'm more of physics and math. I am catholic, apostolic and roman, but I do not practice. I don't think materially of God.

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