Rafa Latorre: "the shock of trains in Catalonia is the metaphor most idiot of the story"

Pontevedra, 1981. Columnist in the WORLD, tertullian, in Wave Zero and author of Will there be who swear that all this has happened (The Sphere of Books), an an

Rafa Latorre:

Pontevedra, 1981. Columnist in the WORLD, tertullian, in Wave Zero and author of Will there be who swear that all this has happened (The Sphere of Books), an analysis that explains the crisis in Catalonia as a phenomenon for populist.

I Remember talking a year ago with friends in barcelona, educated and intelligent, who went from antipathy to the PP to nationalism. I said: 'What do you think? What I have been brainwashed?'.But what of the intelligence has nothing to do with it. No one, for smart that is, is insensitive to a message that is as powerful as the nationalist, which goes to the complacency of the people and tells them "you deserve much more than what you have, you are not to blame for the bad that happens to you". Nationalism, already there is no cure or traveling. Do you have friends that have been spoiled by the 'procés'?Yes, as we all do. The plot of affection Spain-Catalonia is not a fiction, we all partake in it and that is why we suffer. And I think that in Catalonia do not understand the tremendous tear that would convert to foreign nationals who have been compatriots. Does the 'procés' has a hyphen or is it as a melee that pushes for what you are going to do?The culminating phase of the procés is an improvisation that leads up to the madness of the declaration of independence. But that does not mean that there has not been a strategy. Look at to More. It is always said that the More he saw the independence in the Diada of 2011 as an epiphany. It is not true. But comes from a political culture that believes in the manifest destiny of Catalonia outside of Spain. But in the end they did that of "Lord, make me pure but not yet" St Augustine.Of course there's vertigo. But one sees the book of Jove, you see the role of Junqueras, who is the great liar of the procés, and the only logic possible is that independence was the goal true. It is said that the State was not negotiated, but there was so much dialogue that the State offered a referendum symbolic... Look, I think that the real bluff of Puigdemont was to make believe that he was going to bluff. Half of Spain believes that Junqueras is the reasonable man, and Puigdemont, the fanatic.Junqueras is the most important person in the procés, which makes prevail its discretion in each dramatic moment. But Junqueras is the hero of the withdrawal required by the State. What needed to Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, and what you need to Pedro Sanchez. But it is not a cynical. Or not seen as well.I think that Puigdemont is not a cynic. Have a goal and to take the consequences that come. Junqueras also, but it is devious. And Junqueras there is something more complex. Look, always thought of in the Catalan nationalist as a lord in the fund only seeks economic benefits. Who wants to be basque and to have their quota. It's not. In Junqueras is expressed in what is idealism religious and carlist nationalism. Look at the map of the carlism and the map of nationalism. If we were two new zealanders newcomers to Spain, with not much idea of anything, surely simpatizaríamos with "the Catalan people who fight for their freedom". That has happened a lot with the correspondents to arrive with a little Frank, a little bit of Lorca and a bit of Civil War on the head and delivered a story idealized. Want to be Hemingway, but this is Orwell, not Hemingway. A lot of criticism of the language of 'procés'. The train crash is the metaphor most idiot of the story. Or what of the "we don't feel dear". Or the "don't understand". That thing demystified gives the worst metaphors. You is galician. Why in galicia, which has a nationalist tradition strong, it has opened a crisis like the Catalan? Because Galicia is not so rich as to have the disease of the rich, which is believed poor. And because a large part of nationalism, galician is on the PP.

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Date Of Update: 10 December 2018, 08:01

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