The Tax Authority suspends the plan of adjustment that hid Susana Diaz in the campaign, and urges measures

One of the glaring signs of lack of transparency in the country is that the andalusians were to vote the day 2 without knowing what had been approved by the Boa

The Tax Authority suspends the plan of adjustment that hid Susana Diaz in the campaign, and urges measures

One of the glaring signs of lack of transparency in the country is that the andalusians were to vote the day 2 without knowing what had been approved by the Board of Andalusia in the midst of the campaign on the public accounts. After detected in October that the current Finance minister Maria Jesus Montero, had failed in his previous position, the expenditure rule andalusian in 2017, the Government of Susana Díaz had to submit last November, an Economic and Financial Plan to conform to the Law, but it has proved to be a filfa. All that has been hidden from voters.

So, reveals the report concluded last November 30 by the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) and that has not aired not to enter the electoral campaign. His opinion is that the Board of andalusia, does not pose a plan in the actual settings and that there is a risk of non-compliance for income and expenses are inflated. His conclusion is that Susana Diaz, even in functions, must undertake "to 2018 actions by direct and immediate to ensure compliance with the expenditure rule". And "by 2019, that design mechanisms of immediate correction of expenditure equivalent to two-tenths of the GDP of andalusia, which account for 10% of your budget. Otherwise, the andalusian Government is on track to record five successive years of non-compliance with the expenditure rule, and is yet to see if it will meet the deficit this year and next year.

Everything points to that this episode andaluz is only the first taste of what is to come in the election year of 2019. The autonomous communities fought to a record of debt in the history of Spain, according to augurs the agency a credit rating from Moody's, that bet on that only 11 communities that are analysed -the most important - reach a debt level of 271.000 million next year, a historic landmark. If to them are added the remaining communities, will be exceeded in 2019 for the first time the unusual barrier of 300,000 million of debt regional. Only until July of this year to accumulate as 293.426 million.

This mountain of debt is five times higher than that accumulated by the communities themselves in 2007 and traces a spiral of growth even higher than that of the State as a whole. The Kingdom of Spain had at the beginning of the crisis 384.000 million, and now owe 1,16 billion.

Only Andalusia must 34.329 million, the third-most-indebted after the Valencian Community (46.322) and the great leader Catalonia (78.759) in a dynamic that has not stopped growing in the last decade. These three will need in the coming year other 4,600 million, 5,600 million and 8.400 million, respectively, and have the State as the main creditor.

Also increases in all autonomous communities and the staff hired. It is growing at a rate of 4% (60,000 or more) this year and around 1.5 million, compared to 328,000 in the Central Administration, according to the Ministry of Labour.

The rise of income for the bonanza palía the problem, according to Moody's, but the risk of the State to accumulate an unsustainable debt is increasing. The vice-president of the Euro at the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis has declared to this newspaper that "with this level of debt Spain is vulnerable, has no margin of maneuver for when the next crisis".

however, the policy continues to allow goals, "flexible and a little restrictive" of debt to the communities, according to the AIReF. The Finance minister attributed the problem to the inadequate funding system. It is true that there are expenses imprescincibles, since communities provide basic services such as Health and Education, but the election year is a powerful stimulant of the deficit and the debt. The Government's own Pedro Sanchez is already doing engineering, taking advantage of the still good pace of revenue and anticipating expenditure in 2018 to have the largest margin possible deficit in 2019. Dangerous, because the more you delay the remediation, the more difficult it will be to advance the deceleration.

The deterioration reaches the point that the State bar has had to remind the Government that it could not process legally new Budgets in January without re-submitting previously to the Parliament on the path of deficit you intended. The Council of Ministers re-approve watered-down Friday in their particular groundhog day knowing that he is not seen good of Brussels or of The Courts, but it is the election year does not arrive in 2019, began already long ago.


'Snowboard' monclovita. 35 years ago that the then little Pedro Sanchez discovered in the Week White cole the tracks from aragon Cerler and has often returned, but never from Moncloa as planned right now. The current president of the Government fondles your snowboard to spend there, for the first time with the charge, a few days of christmas with your family and meditate on the ideal date to call a general election. In possible explanation of his often-reckless political stance, Sanchez is a lover of snowboarding, which allows you to do jumps, flips, loops, fly off the track... In Cerler you can practice if you do not the complicated mode half-pipe, at least the quarterpipe. The challenge is to go at full speed for a quarter of a tube of snow leaping up to the maximum for well to do the best acrobatics or jump more than anyone. Very fun, but it is advisable to consider in the fall.


To preside over the G20. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, will be at least in practice -depending on the health of his father, the president and the host of the G20 within a year as they correspond to your country in 2020, the responsibility rotating of the twenty most powerful countries of the world. Despite the scandal of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the prince represented his country at the recent summit of Buenos Aires, posing with normality with the rest of world leaders, including Pedro Sanchez, and now without the controversy that surrounded his image just a few days before with the King Emeritus Juan Carlos I in the Formula I of Abu Dhabi. According to the official version arabia, the prince only saw that day, in addition to the Spanish, with the chechen president, Ramzan Kadyrov, and the prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. With the three "warm conversation".


The trials continue. The English Court has moved on to the battle of the past few months that led to the handover in the presidency, Dimas Gimeno and looks to the future with agreements such as the one recently signed with the giant eastern Alibaba, but the battle continues among the family. Last Wednesday occurred, for example, a judicial hearing prior to the lawsuit mercantile family of Gimeno against the major shareholders of The English Court, the sisters Martha -in the picture - and Cristina Alvarez about an alleged forgiveness goregular debt. It is, according to the mother of Gimeno, of the daughters of Isidoro Álvarez owed to the company heritage, IASA, 6.9 million and, after taking them a majority, have been autoperdonado that amount. The legal advisor of the sisters, Antonio Hernández Gil, denies irregularities, but the mother of Gimeno does not exclude to go to the criminal proceedings.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 10 December 2018, 20:03

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