She says that the Osakidetza wants to "legitimize" their "corrupt system" of selection

ALS initiates contacts with the parliamentary groups to alert about the performance of Osakidetza to remove the OPE The trade union ELA has announced today th

She says that the Osakidetza wants to

ALS initiates contacts with the parliamentary groups to alert about the performance of Osakidetza to remove the OPE

The trade union ELA has announced today that it will begin a round of meetings with the political parties represented in the Basque Parliament to convey to them that the Osakidetza intended to "perpetuate" and "legitimize" the present "corrupt system of selection of medical specialists".

the COMMONWEALTH has come to this conclusion after analyzing the report presented last month at the Basque Parliament by the minister of Health, Jon Darpón, a study on the proposed 68 measures to improve the process of selection of professionals in Osakidetza and that it was developed after complaints about alleged irregularities in some of the tests of the last OPE of the Basque Health Service.

At the behest of the unions, the office of the Prosecutor of the high Court of Justice of the Basque Country has opened preliminary proceedings to investigate if there were irregularities in the testing of 19 medical specialties for the public offer of employment.

In a press conference, Esther Saavedra and Izaskun Sorondo, responsible for ALS in the health-basque, and have been assured today that, following a "detailed analysis" of the report submitted by Darpón, have concluded that the objective of this study is "to legitimize and legalize" the "practices corrupt current" in the selection of medical specialists, "in a clear violation of the principles of equality, merit and ability that should govern access to public employment", have been added. "There is No real willingness to put an end to irregularities, and the only thing that you are looking for is to keep them", said.

The representatives of the COMMONWEALTH have reiterated that Darpón is the "ultimate responsibility" for the irregularities, so that in his judgment "has no legitimacy to continue in office and should be stopped."

The report, commissioned by Osakidetza, according to ELA, "it institutionalizes the arbitrariness in the choice of professionals and do not set any measure requiring that the OPEs are transparent and egalitarian".

the COMMONWEALTH has developed its own study on the report submitted by Darpón and has announced its intention to bring this to the attention of the parties represented in the Basque Parliament (PNV, PSE-EE, EH Bildu, Elkarrekin we Can, and PP).

For ALS, the report of the Osakidetza is "partial" because the author of the same, Rafael Jiménez Asensio, owner of the company "Study Public Sector SLPU", made some proposals which "are based and take as a reference the services that he offers in his company, which "has a direct interest in what you are analyzing and proposing".

ALS also appreciates that the report proposes a selection system that "would involve the cessation of many of the professionals who have long years working in Osakidetza", given that it proposes a model with "tests out many more hard", at the time that "it underestimates the merit and experience".

"however -adds the union-, it does not propose measures to control efficient in order to avoid leaks of these examinations and the choice of finger for part of the headquarters of service that are taking place today".

it Also rejects proposed "selective, arbitrary and difficult to control", such as "behavioral interviewing and psychometric testing", as well as consider the implementation of "selective processes ad-hoc for jobs that Osakidetza choose and singularice, without any possible control on that choice."

ALS criticizes that the report "raises the elimination of the OPEs and its replacement by systems selective open and permanent", as a way "to avoid the necessary controls", and that proposes the creation of an agency of selection, and the "professionalization" of the courts qualifiers.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 22 December 2018, 20:01

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