The ex-girlfriend of Morate was smothered with a flange that reduced the diameter of its neck 23 to 8 inches

Sergio Morate his arrival to the Provincial court of Cuenca. ATLAS (video) // EFE (Photo)

The ex-girlfriend of Morate was smothered with a flange that reduced the diameter of its neck 23 to 8 inches
Sergio Morate his arrival to the Provincial court of Cuenca. ATLAS (video) // EFE (Photo) In a first inspection, it was found that it had, on the surface of the neck, a plastic flange black tangled with the scalp

the Navy received a blow on the back of the head, which left it "without capacity of reaction"

Morate: "if I get to have more time to prepare I do not pilláis"

Marina Okarinska died a "violent death, by strangulation by mechanical asphyxia" after receiving a blow to the back of the skull that will not produced a fracture, but was left "unconscious and utterly helpless". As emerges from the testimony poured during the trial that will determine whether Sergio Morate is the culprit of his death by one of three examiners who participated in the autopsy performed on his corpse.

Also, it has been provided as a given that by "survival instinct" the victim attempted to "get rid of the obstacle that you impidía breathe", resulting in four stigmas which resulted in the deposit of remains of blood in the nails of his right hand, not compatible with blood of man.

In a first inspection in the grave where his body was found, it was possible to verify that was presented in the "anterior surface of the neck, surrounding the" a "flange black plastic sliding cut and tangled with the scalp, mixed with vegetable remains, and other remnants of plastic and two types of adhesive tape, one black and the other transparent".

In the course of the exhibition, the coroner has clarified that the killer placed around the neck of a flange of a 50 cm long that, after you have closed the zipper, lowered it to 8 centimeters in diameter, when its perimeter was 23 centimeters, so that the pressure caused the collapse of the larynx, the lack of oxygen and, consequently, death.

however, the flange "has not left the neck long enough to produce hemorrhagic lesions", given that, "during the agony", "heart does not pump as with life because they do not have the force and beats only a few seconds" after that maneuver, after which it stops beating "immediately".

This, after having received a blow "surprise" in the back of the head that he was "up to the cerebellum", causing a hematoma of four by two centimeters in the region occipitoparietal central, with extension to the right, resulting in two internal bleeding of four by five centimeters and six by three inches, respectively.

This caused the unconsciousness of the Navy with a state of flaccidity, body "really intense" and the left as a victim completely submissive and without any capacity of reaction".

An attack that occurred "a complete surprise", as would prove the absence of lesions "typical defense" and indicating "that is not what I expected" because, otherwise, "it would have at least tried to cover the head", a circumstance that would have allowed us to "place the flange closed and squeeze it or close it later", since both hypothesis "can not be ruled out".

Died on the 18.00 hours

in Addition, the result of the gastric contents of the body, taking into account that, according to family members, the day of his disappearance he had lunch around 14.30 hours, allows to determine, in its judgment, that his death could produce between 17.30 and 18.30 hours on 6 August 2015.

The corpse showed no lesions of interest neither in the pharynx nor on the tongue or in the trachea, as well as in the thorax or in the abdomen, also presented alterations in the genitals. Also, has insisted that neither injury was observed in the arms that evidenciarían defense, nor in the rest of the body, although there were the amputation of several toes.

His eyeballs were completely dehydrated and discarded a broken nose. Her mouth was open and in the right angle of the jaw appears a stain putrefactiva not due to a hematoma. Presents No other findings or injuries or on the face or scalp.

In the course of his testimony, the examiner explained that, on their arrival, in the interior of the trench located at the spot Still, at the birth of the river Huécar, displayed "clearly" the head, neck, and back of the corpse of Laura's Hole, as well as your buttocks and feet, without socks.

Below it, located in diagonal, to your right are the feet of the corpse of the Navy, also barefoot and without socks. "None of the bodies showed signs of having been impregnated with lime mixed with water," he clarified.

Both bodies were pulled out of the pit for over three hours with a shovel in hand and with the own hands of the examiners, and were in a state of putrefaction more advanced in the case of the body of Laura, in the prone position and partially covered by sand and a "substance that could be cal."

In the service of radiology of the Hospital Virgin of the Light to obtain a series radiographic complete with the that discarded the presence of projectiles from a firearm, and bone fractures in any of the bodies, which appear covered in cal and mud.

Date Of Update: 26 October 2018, 20:01

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