The office of the Prosecutor investigates the General Hospital for pay bonuses to employees

The denunciation of the trade union CSIF after the detection fertilisers discretionary "amounts to arbitrary and without any kind of control" The manageme

The office of the Prosecutor investigates the General Hospital for pay bonuses to employees

The denunciation of the trade union CSIF after the detection fertilisers discretionary "amounts to arbitrary and without any kind of control"

The management could face criminal offences of corruption and embezzlement

Some are charges of the utmost confidence of the leadership and management of the centre

The Prosecution began, two weeks ago, criminal investigations against the management carried out during the last three years at the General Hospital of Valencia to detect facts that could be constitutive of crime.

The prosecutor's office has opened the investigation after a complaint of association, in particular of the Central trade Union Independent and of Officials CSIF, which sounded the alarm of an alleged distribution of bonuses on a discretionary basis to employees of the center next to the address without any type of authorization by the agencies that form the consortium hospital of the avenida Tres Cruces (Department of Health and the Provincial council of Valencia).

Announcement of the opening of proceedings for criminal investigation by the Attorney general in the General Hospital. THE WORLD

In the complaint filed -in the past month of October-the union CSIF questioned the compensation "amounts to arbitrary and without any kind of control", several employees of the Hospital General Universitario of Valencia without had been informed to the labor representatives from both Health and the hospital.

The Central trade Union Independent and of Officials (CSIF) explains in the complaint that, in cases detected and using the snap-in performance features, "they are certifying on the payroll, under the above mentioned concept, payments that, in any case, have been negotiated with the trade union representation or be subject to budgetary control".

CSIF describes, in his written warning, that these workers, who come from other administrations and that have been incorporated to the staff of the General Hospital in positions of the highest trust of the leadership, have taken a plus of 657 euros and 544 euros, in some cases, by the aforementioned snap-in performance and functions that are added each month to your payroll by decision of the managing director of the General Hospital, Enrique Ortega. A few payments for all purposes represent bonuses paid on the backs of other employees of the public health of valencia.

In the complaint, the trade union confederation warns that the above "evidence that they have carried out performances on the sidelines and ignoring the existing regulations" that must be justified in all the concepts that are reflected in the monthly payroll of the employees of the public Administration.

similarly, the Prosecutor's office must clarify if, as described with all sorts of details in the complaint, "the payment unreasonably certain public officials could constitute an alleged crime of trespass referred to in article 404 of the Penal Code, as well as a crime of embezzlement as set forth in article 432 of the same legal text".

The union asked for an explanation

The union explains the lack of knowledge of the decisions that departed from the direction of the center by part of the representatives of the workers and that could be considered a way of hiding payments for the rest of the employees were unaware of the bonuses to be irregular.

In fact, "neither the personnel board nor the committee company Consortium General Hospital have been informed of the functions, program, or cause that would justify these payments," according to affects the CSIF in its text referred to the prosecutor's office of valencia.

The same account of the facts indicates that for the condition of officials that enjoy these persons supposedly benefited by the guidance, "these payments should have passed a series of filters and controls, such as bargaining with trade union representation, budget control and authorization of the Directorate-General of Budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana".

An endpoint that should be investigated also by other bodies of the Council because it has allocated public money, both of the Department of Health as the Provincial government of Valencia, to reward capriciously to a person close to the direction of the hospital.

According to the complaint of CSIF among those beneficiaries would be positions of trust in the own manager of the hospital as the worker performing the functions of his secretary and the head of Human Resources. In both cases, they began to work in the service of Henry Ortega by decision of the manager, who included them in their immediate environment.

After you detect the bonuses, the committee has requested, on several occasions, and in writing, to the Address of the Consortium all the information on the "committed extraordinary or functions that perform these people to receive a higher wage to which they are assigned".

But the management has neglected or has made justifications unconvincing for the representatives of the template detected that dealt with payment commensurate to the services rendered. Quite to the contrary, the payments lacked sense and were absolutely arbitrary as are criticized by the trade union sources consulted.

The complaint through the judicial process is completed in the office of the Prosecutor is not the first track that started to get to know the circumstances of the alleged payment of bonuses. We went to other administrative levels such as departments of the Ministry of Health or Treasury.

Even, the sources of the Central trade Union Independent and Officials clarified that it submitted another complaint to the Labour Inspectorate, which issued a requirement for them to provide that information. However, to date the silence has been the only response that has been obtained by the management department of the General Hospital, so that CSIF has decided to file complaint to Prosecutor's office.

According to the criteria of

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Updated Date: 05 December 2018, 20:01

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