The witness, who had welcomed Morate in Romania: "We said that he had killed Marina"

Morate has been welcomed into his right not to testify in the trial against him in Cuenca, JOSÉ DEL OLMO / ATLAS

The witness, who had welcomed Morate in Romania:
Morate has been welcomed into his right not to testify in the trial against him in Cuenca, JOSÉ DEL OLMO / ATLAS Sergio Morate: "If I get to have more time to prepare I do not pilláis"

"Marina felt persecuted, I was afraid and suffered physical violence"

Is it true that Sergio Morate Garcés acknowledged that he had killed Marina? Yes.

Asked by the prosecutor and answered a succinct but categorically Sofia Valeria Horvath from Romania. The woman, a venezuelan, her husband, the Romanian Istvan Horvath, and the latter's brother, Gabriel, were subpoenaed to testify by video conference on Tuesday, but none was presented in court Romanian where they were expected. After that the president of the court judge Morate asked their Romanian colleagues to bring them to declare using "public force" if necessary, on Wednesday itself appeared, Sophia and Gabriel.

The scene in which Morate they acknowledged the murder of Navy placed Sofia on the 12th of August, the day previous to the arrest of Morate, on the terrace of the same house in Lugoj (Romania), where Morate fled after the disappearance of his ex-partner, Marina Okarynska, and friend, Laura of the Hole. Drank a few beers when he told them: "I killed Marina."

- Is it true that you came to tell you in particular that he had killed with a plastic necklace? -asked the prosecutor.

-No, you only told us that he had killed Marina. We speak No more of it.

he Assured Sofia Valeria, who at that time didn't know that the young people were missing or killed, and that he learned of their deaths and that Sergio was looking for the Interpol the following day by a publication of his mother on Facebook. "My husband went to work that morning, I stayed with Sergio and when I found out I was waiting for my husband to tell him. When he arrived we didn't have time to talk and went shopping. When he returned I told my husband that he come to the kitchen area, but he was sitting with the child, talking with his brother and Sergio. At that moment came the Interpol".

he Explained, Sofia Valeria that a few days before received a message from Sergio in which he told them that he was going to Romania to visit in order to attend the christening of his son, who was to be the godfather.

- When going to celebrate the christening? -inquiría the prosecutor.

-we didn't have a date, lady.

there was Not date of the alleged baptism by which Morate traveling by car to Romania, the young man was only wearing a backpack as luggage, once in Romania, did you remove the plates the license plate number of your vehicle and put it on sale and, although it was supposed to be visiting, they rented an apartment.

it Was the mobile of Sofia Valeria that he received a message Morate asking for help when he was lost somewhere on the border of Hungary with Austria. "I think he said he was in a country near and how I could reach that did not understand the GPS, it was in another language. My husband and his brother went to pick you up."

Her husband, Istvan Horvath, whom Morate met when both were serving sentence in 2008 in the prison of Cuenca, was not presented to declare the Tuesday nor the Wednesday. Had gone to work in Germany and was unlocatable, is explained by video conferencing to the living room. In his first statement, made in Romania, Istvan had told Morate he confessed that he had killed Marina and Laura, and that it did not warn the Police because you did not believe him. Shortly after, in a second interrogation, which took place before the Spanish authorities and whose recording was issued on Wednesday in the living room, the friend Romanian was looking to Morate Hungary changed its version: Not recognized confession of Morate -"I don't know", "I do not remember" - said stated that coerced by the Romanian police and denied having any knowledge of the disappearance of Marina and Laura prior to their arrest, the 13 of August. Five days before, however, Istvan had a conversation in WhatsApp with a friend of Morate, from which it follows that he knew more than he acknowledged. This is a snippet:

a Friend of Sergio: Have disappeared, Marina, Laura and Sergio

Istvan: We have set a trap. Insurance.

Friend: Well we don't know anything.

Istvan: This to me smells like a trap.

Friend: Joe.

Itsvan: Sergio can't with the two.

Date Of Update: 04 January 2019, 20:00

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