Coca-Cola, OT, and the secrets of which will be the first announcement of the year

Coca-Cola pulls OT to your traditional christmas advertising Aitana, Anne War, Raoul, Agoney and Mimi versioned 'Hill Top' Will be the first announcem

Coca-Cola, OT, and the secrets of which will be the first announcement of the year

Coca-Cola pulls OT to your traditional christmas advertising

Aitana, Anne War, Raoul, Agoney and Mimi versioned 'Hill Top'

Will be the first announcement of 2019

opens the curtain and appears Aitana, yes Aitana. He moves on the stage of a theatre empty while behind comes Ana War. One goes, the other stays. Mimi, or what is the same Lola Indigo make up in the dressing room. They all sing, they all smile, they all drink Coca-Cola. It is the spirit of christmas of Coca-Cola in a pure state.

this Is the new ad of Coca-Cola for this Christmas, the ad that will be in charge of inaugurating the New Year, the announcement that has brought together five artists from the last edition of operación Triunfo (Aitana, Anne War, Raoul, Mimi, Agoney and the rapper Maikel Delacalle) to record a song with the base of the famous Hill Top of the year 1972 and the Coca-Cola change log, leaving behind the remastering of his famous commercial for christmas of 1995, and giving way to a new generation, a few new artists, a new future, but being that Coca-Cola always.

"The Coca-Cola brand has always been linked to music, for the passion that follows, and for being a language with which we have managed to connect with the people, generation after generation (...) This year we wanted to do something very special to be close to all the spaniards with a christmas message and a language that is very current. And, to do this, what better way than through some of the artists with more projection at the national level to the teens," explains Tania Torres, Manager of sponsorships and events for Coca-Cola Iberia.

The music, and that, of course, OT 2017. OT became, and remains, a phenomenon that moves to a target is very clear: the youth and this ad is for them, for teens, for the followers of the program, for those that live in the networks.

the Board to Aitana, Ana Guerra, Mimi, Raoul, and Agoney on a video clip, because it really is a video clip more than an announcement; give them a bottle of Coca-Cola, set background music and you have the perfect recipe.

But what is the objective of Coca-Cola with this unusual campaign? "Coca-Cola is synonymous with enjoyment, magic, optimism and, above all, sharing good times with the people that surround you. Therefore, the goal is to surprise the younger audience with a very positive message for this Christmas," adds Torres.

A magic and an optimism that will be the first thing you see the spaniards upon eating the grapes. Yes, the ad of Coca-Cola with the triunfitos will be the first announcement of 2019. "A connection of generations" that starts the television, and the advertising of the new year and Coca-Cola wanted to unite through the emblematic song Hill-top, a song that was "a hymn for a generation" and with the Coca-Cola spun very fine to achieve that connection of generations.

And why at Christmas? "Coca-Cola and Christmas share the same values: unity, being together and creating special moments for all. For Coca-Cola, Christmas is one of the special moments of the year, a date for indulging in illusions, to share and to find us with our friends and family (...) "

And why OT? What connects Coca-Cola with OT? "These young artists reflect that union and closeness and, in addition, have been able to excite with his music and talent, to a whole generation. During the filming we were able to perceive the love, the connection that had been between them and, above all, as they enjoyed helping each other and sharing together each experience. All of them maintain a good relationship between them and respond to the values of our brand. They are a reflection of the new generation of the youth of our country." All a declaration of intentions.

Actually that good roll, that optimism, that good relationship, this new generation are present throughout the spot. Since the release of Hill Top, which now remains in The World to the smiles and looks of affection that the five triunfitos share throughout the announcement.

Because if there is an announcement that is linked with Christmas, like the turron, The Almond or the wrists of the Famous, that is the Coca-Cola. From the more characteristic as in the trucks and santa Claus to any of the that premiered for these dates.

"this Christmas we wanted to recover all the iconic elements of the brand-trucks of christmas and santa Claus - to give again welcome you to these parties. This year's campaign is, yesterday and now; this is in the imagination and in the historical data of thousands of consumers (...) With an optimistic approach of hope and positivity, which is clearly identified with the philosophy of Coca-Cola."

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 05 January 2019, 20:00

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