What to Expect at the Canadian Citizenship Test and Tips to Prepare

Finally, you got an invitation for the citizenship test.

What to Expect at the Canadian Citizenship Test and Tips to Prepare

Finally, you got an invitation for the citizenship test. Now, you are just a step away from becoming a Canadian citizen. The written citizenship test notice you received from IRCC will state the following things –


·         Congratulations on your application approval

·         Document list to be carried at the test

·         Date and location of test venue

·         Study guide copy regarding the rights & responsibilities of citizenship

·         Information on who to contact if you cannot attend the exam on scheduled date


Canadian citizenship exam must never be taken lightly because it is researched that 45% can fail, if they go unprepared. So, you will need to thoroughly read and understand Canadian citizenship guide. You can easily get through the real test because the guide is designed systematically to help candidates.


What to expect in the Canadian citizenship exam?


The Canadian citizenship test evaluates your knowledge regarding Canada. Therefore, it is crucial to know your rights and responsibilities. Therefore, learn the –


·         History of Canada

·         Government system

·         Symbols

·         Social & cultural history

·         Politics & political history


At the exam venue, you will have to wait in the waiting room till scheduled test time. There will be other applicants, too. The invigilator or proctor or supervisor will call every applicant in the exam room. The long desks in the exam room has dividers, which prevents possible copying. Proctor offers clarification, so listen to them carefully.


Test has 20 question in the form of MCQ [Multiple Choice Questions]. You get half an hour to answer the questions. To pass the exam, you need to answer minimum 15 questions correctly. You will be invited for a short interview with the citizenship office. He or she verifies your ID and documents provided when you applied. Few questions will be asked to test your language skills. If you do this then the last step to become Canadian citizen is taking an oath. This invitation will be mailed after four to six months post-exam.


In case, you scored less than 15 then a retake will be re-scheduled. Test can be re-taken after a break of 3 to 4 weeks. A mail will be sent regarding the time, date, and location. If you don’t succeed in 2nd test then the citizenship officer will interview you. In the long half an hour to 1 ½ hour interview, your acquaintance with Canada and language proficiency will be tested.


Tips to prepare for the Canadian citizenship exam


·         Never cram but understand and get to know Canada better.

·         Read and re-read ‘Discover Canada test guide’ because all answers are available in this well-written, understandable 63-page booklet.

·         Enroll in citizenship classes to take help from classmates or instructor.

·         Attempt practice tests to uncover your weaknesses and strengthen those areas.

·         Frequent practice or mock tests will help you build confidence.


On the exam day


·         Check venue address and time

·         Carry necessary documents

·         Reach test venue ½ an hour early to avoid stress

·         During test read the questions and options thoroughly then answer because alternatives can be tricky

·         Never linger on hard questions but move to next and in case there is time go back to the un-attempted questions

·         Make sure that you answered all questions prior submission

Date Of Update: 19 January 2019, 13:53

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