Was Road-Rage To Blame For This New Jersey Semi-Truck Accident?

Road rage is the cause of thousands of deadly accidents every year. The NHTSA estimates that 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving

Was Road-Rage To Blame For This New Jersey Semi-Truck Accident?

Road rage is the cause of thousands of deadly accidents every year. The NHTSA estimates that 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving. Whether drivers are screaming, initiating or retaliating, the acts of road rage can lead to serious consequences. Especially if truck drivers are involved, the chances of a fatal accident are much higher. Fortunately, nobody was injured in this New Jersey semi-truck accident. As we will see, the caused was very much linked to aggressive driving.

Reckless Driving By The Truck Driver 

As reported, the truck driver was driving recklessly to start. The driver was seen switching lanes and speeding aggressively. These are common signs of road rage that could cause a track-trailer to jackknife on the highway. Certainly, professional truck drivers should follow the rules of the road while exercising caution. Although the truck was only carrying candy, there is plenty of risk to the vehicle and other drivers on the road. The act of reckless driving start with road rage by the truck driver. However, it was not the trucker alone who caused the accident. 

SUV Driver Tries To Teach A Lesson 

An SUV driver noticed that the truck was driving recklessly. In most cases, it is best to handle road rage by not retaliating. If possible, the incident should be reported to local police department by calling 911. In this incident, the SUV driver decided to take matters in his own hands. The SUV driver tried to slow down the truck driver himself. Driving up to the truck, the SUV driver cut in front and pumped his brakes. While the SUV driver may have tried to slow the truck driver down, he actually responded with more aggressive driving. This behavior is another act of road rage that could have been avoided. 

Truck Driver Responds With Aggression 

In response to the SUV, the truck driver speeded past the SUV to pass the vehicle. In doing so, the trucker swerved and eventually lost control of the trailer which tipped over. As seen in the accident video by Mahwah Police department, the trailer of the semi-truck flips over after hitting the center median and striking the overpass. Of course, the truck driver should not have continued to escalate the situation. By passing the SUV driver, the trucker lost control and damage the vehicle and cargo. Luckily, nobody was injured. 

Both Drivers Receive Summons For Road Rage 

Clearly, both drivers were at fault for causing this truck accident. The SUV driver received four summonses including reckless driving, failure to signal and delaying traffic. Similarly, the truck driver was summoned for careless driving and failure to maintain a lane. Moreover, Mahwah Police issued the truck driver a summons for a failure to signal too. However, the truck driver may have to deal with further consequences. According to Girardi | Keese truck accident lawyers, “because the trucker is representing a business operation, his or her behavior may lead to criminal liability or punitive damages in a lawsuit.” These are serious consequences for unacceptable actions that could have led to fatal outcomes. 

Road Rage Leads To Motor Vehicle Violations 

In a time when the number of deadly car crashes hit 9-year high, accidents like this one are preventable. Usually, these road rage incidents cause drivers to violate the rules of the road. Truck drivers have the responsibility to manage their stress and deadlines appropriately. They should do so without jeopardizing the safety of themselves or others on the road. Likewise, passenger vehicles should report any reckless driving to the police right away. This will avoid the chances of escalating a situation to a dangerous point. Most importantly, all drivers need to watch out for road rage so they do not violate any motor vehicle laws for the safety of themselves and others. 

As we have seen, this accident was the result of road rage between 2 drivers. Their actions could have had fatal results for either party. The accident started with a truck driver speeding and switching lanes aggressively. Then, it escalated when an SUV driver took matters into their own hands. Escalating the situation, the driver retaliated and lost control of the semi-truck. The truck flipped over, causing a major truck accident. Both drivers received summonses for violating traffic laws. However, the truck driver may be liable criminally as well. This is an important case to learn from, keeping road rage in check so that we are safer on the road.

Date Of Update: 23 January 2019, 16:26

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