The Story of Swedish Snus

Swedish Snus is a moist type of tobacco that is consumed by being placed on the upper lip for a period of time

The Story of Swedish Snus

Swedish Snus is a moist type of tobacco that is consumed by being placed on the upper lip for a period of time. It is generally more superior to American dipping tobacco because its consumption does not require the user to spit. For this reason, it is becoming more and more popular in the United States and worldwide. Indeed, Snus is being manufactured in the US, but it does not use the same quality ingredients or production standards as the Swedish version and is often filled with artificial sweeteners. The Swedish version comes in many varieties and is guaranteed to be authentic, so always stick to ordering from a site such as SnusDirect if you want “the real deal”.

Types of Snus 

Snus is sold in a couple of different ways, loose or portioned. Loose Snus is the oldest version of the product, dating back to the early nineteenth century. It gives users control over how much of the product they use and many argue that it tastes better. You will find that some brands only sell loose snus, although some will also sell portioned versions too. Portioned snuss is pre-compressed. Unlike loose snus, it does not need to be compressed with the fingers. This type has grown incredibly in popularity since it was first introduced in 1977. 

Original Snus 

Snus, in its original form, can come in a variety of flavours, all designed to appeal to a broad consumer base. You can find flavours such as berry, liquorice, coffee, cola, as well as original flavour. Many brands produce limited edition snus so that they can try out new flavours for a short while, you can find unique flavours such as apple and berry, blueberry and vanilla or cinnamon. 

All White Snus 

All white snus allows you to use your snus without worry about stained teeth. It won't release as much tobacco juice but it benefits from a flavour that lasts and reduces tobacco smell. It's a great product for those that are conscious of their tobacco usage. White snus is still available in a variety of flavours and still includes the nicotine, it's just that some of the unwanted features of tobacco are removed. 

Nicotine or Tobacco FreeSnus 

There is snus available that is free from tobacco or nicotine, a bit similar to herbal cigarettes. These brands are perfect for those who wish to reduce their tobacco consumption, they can wean themselves off with the tobacco-free version whilst still benefitting from the nicotine hit. Plus, products that don't contain tobacco are exempt from tobacco tax, making them cheaper to purchase.

Date Of Update: 07 February 2019, 07:23

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