Stream Super Bowl 2019 Live: Watch Patriots Vs Rams from Anywhere in The World

As of the time of this writing, we have less than a week to the viewing of the next best thing in NFL – the Superbowl LIII.

Stream Super Bowl 2019 Live: Watch Patriots Vs Rams from Anywhere in The World

As of the time of this writing, we have less than a week to the viewing of the next best thing in NFL – the Superbowl LIII. For those who don’t like to see all the roman numerals flying around everywhere, this represents the 52nd instalment and the 53rd event in this series.

Of course, that is a lot to look forward to.

On the 3rd of February, we will be seeing Rams face off against Patriots. If you are planning to watch the game at home (alone or with friends), here is everything you need to know in one place.

Recommended Choice for Watching Super Bowl LIII online

There are a lot of ways to watch Super Bowl online, and we are sure you might have come across a couple of them.

However, they are not all great options.

Sometimes, you might even want to watch the game online but find out that the content is not available for your country. Yes, that happens too. In this case, you might have to look elsewhere or not watch at all.

Even if the Super Bowl is made available in your region, there is a chance you still have to deal with commercial breaks. What if we told you that all of those problems can become a thing of the past?

That is why we have this recommended option. 

1)      Get a VPN

The first thing you should do is get a VPN. The aim of this software is to allow you stream Super Bowl from anywhere in the world – even from the countries where the game would not have normally been allowed.

To get the best experience, you can’t go about downloading just about any kind of VPN. You will want to choose one that is specially engineered with:

·         Speed – Afterall, you don’t want to stream your game in slow motion

·         Unlimited bandwidth – That is the best way to ensure your VPN company doesn’t throttle your data and slow down the connection at points

·         Multiple server locations – This will help you bypass the geoblocks and content restrictions that might have been preventing you from getting the game in your region.

·         Compatibility – For the best Super Bowl live streaming experience with a VPN, it has to be compatible with your preferred streaming device (Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tv Stick, PlayStation, Xbox, etc)

A VPN is also great for those in supported regions. They allow you bypass all of those annoying commercial breaks which gets in the way of your fun. 

2)      Connect to a preferred location and stream

It is advised that you connect to the UK server location if you would like to get the British stream of the game, or US if you would prefer the American version instead. For those that choose the former option, proceed to the TVPlayer  platform.

This service operates legally, offering you hundreds of free channels to choose from.

One channel that they have, which we also happen to be interested in at the moment, is BBC One. There, the game will be shown on the set date from start to finish.

The best part is that the BBC One service doesn’t entertain commercials, so you’ll be getting the uninterrupted gaming experience.

If you want to record the game and watch it later, you can do so on TVPlayer via BBC One. This time, though, you would have to sign up for a paid plan. To bypass that for a while, sign up for the free 14-day package and see if you like what you get.

We haven’t forgotten those that love the American version yet.

If you have access to the internet, watching the Superbowl is as easy as connecting to CBS on the said date. They have promised to show the entire event through its cable TV and websites/ app platforms. They will even allow you stream the game for free without having to sign in or register at all.

The best part about CBS is that you get to stream the game on any screen of your choice. It is time to get any or all of your Chromecast, Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV, etc ready. The only downside to this method is that you don’t get to watch without commercials. 

Other streaming options

The options above are not the only ways to stream Super Bowl LIII on the said date. In fact, you can get the game on all of Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, etc.

Likewise, there would be serious worldwide coverage for the game. Of course, not all regions will be getting the content. However, about 170 countries will have access to the game in seven different languages.

If you so happen to be outside of these regions, or don’t like all the commercials, check out the recommended option above.

Date Of Update: 09 February 2019, 19:06

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