Alicia Silverstone joins TikTok, re-creates iconic'Clueless' scene with Boy

"Ugh, like!"

Alicia Silverstone joins TikTok, re-creates iconic'Clueless' scene with Boy

Alicia Silverstone has landed TikTok!

The 44-year-old actor made her debut on the popular social media stage on Friday and gave lovers a delightful throwback for her big entry. In true Cher Horowitz style, the"Clueless" star dusted off her yellow plaid blazer to recreate among the movie's most memorable scenes.

In the ten-second TikTok clip, Silverstone begins to strut in front of the camera "Just a Girl" by No Doubt plays. Her 10-year-old son, Bear Blu Jarecki, who she co-parents together with her ex Christopher Jarecki, comes into the frame to place his arm around her shoulder until she shoves him away and lip-syncs her characters filmed lineup,"Ew, get me off! Ugh, as if!"

Do not worry, she promptly attracts her son back on camera also gives him a hug and kiss after the little push!

"Ugh! Like... I would not join TikTok. #Clueless #AsIf," the 44-year-old celebrity uttered the video.

Silverstone shared with her TikTok into Instagram as well, adding in the caption,"I figure I am on TikTok now‍♀️ #Clueless."

Fans immediately commented, sharing their love for the fun moment.

"MY FAV THING EVER OH MY," wrote one excited commenter.

"Omg this movie will always be my favourite I really like it," someone else remarked on Instagram.

It is no surprise that Bear was involved in his mom's TikTok debut, especially in a unique tribute to"Clueless," given that he's a big fan of the movie. Last April, Silverstone revealed to Entertainment Tonight that after viewing the movie for the very first time, he started to write fan fiction about the film and came up with a few potential storylines.

"He'll bring small things (about the film ) up," she explained. "One night we were laying in bed and he wrote'Clueless Part 2' and what/where Cher are. It was incredible what he thought."

Bear's plot depicted Cher as"an alcoholic but he didn't say those words," she explained. Just like a professional makeup artist.'"

Silverstone has ever kept a special place in her heart for her role from"Clueless" and has reprised her character-- and also the plaid suit -- to get a 2019 episode of "Lip Sync Battle." She sat with Vogue past summer to go over the impact the movie had on fashion and pop culture, 25 years after it first hit the big screen.

At a video for Vogue, Silverstone represented about the yellow plaid suit set, revealing that there have been three color options, but yellow ultimately won.

"it is a nod to a schoolgirl uniform, but at a elevated, chic, quite large fashioned manner," she said. "And it's so absurd. Instantly, you're transformed, you understand the world you're in because that is not how children dress to go to school. It's just not. But it just feels right and it works"

The whereabouts of the original suit are unknown, but as Silverstone place it,"it has a life of its own."

"You see it each year around the runway," she explained. "And I think that it's really interesting that people are so curious about it and it continues to reside."

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