Ashley Graham unveils twin baby names in beautiful photo posting

In January, twin boys were welcomed by Sports Illustrated.

Ashley Graham unveils twin baby names in beautiful photo posting

Malachi and Roman, welcome to the world!

Ashley Graham, husband Justin Ervin , revealed the names her twin sons on Thursday.

"Malachi & Roman," 34-year-old model captioned a photo featuring the two babies.

Graham is shown in the photo wearing a cream-colored robe. She leans on a couch while she delicately balances one of her sons on her shoulder and breastfeeds the other.

She wrote, "My boys are the greatest teachers and biggest reminders to me that I can accomplish hard things."

Graham said that although it was not easy, it was so worth it.

They are also the parents of Isaac Menelik Giovanni (who turned 2 on January 18).

Graham posted, "Still cannot believe I have three children," with an "mind-blown," emoji. "Can't wait for you to share my birth and postpartum journey with me all soon.

The couple shared news that they were expecting another child last summer.

Graham shared the following Instagram post: "The past year was full of small surprises, big grieves, familiar beginnings, and new stories." "I'm only beginning to understand and celebrate the next chapter for us.

In an Instagram video, the model revealed that she was expecting twins two months later.

Graham asks the technician, "Is it twins?"

Graham announced that she saw a penis on her screen. Graham bolts upright on the exam table and asks the technician if she sees a second baby.

Ervin, stunned, murmurs "You're kidding me!" "You're kidding me."

Graham is giggling with laughter.

She exclaimed, "We're going to have three boys!"

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