Britney Spears' hearing could be a sign of freedom from father or court

Judge Brenda Penny was the calm eye in the storm surrounding Britney and the conservatorship that governs her life.

Britney Spears' hearing could be a sign of freedom from father or court

All eyes now are on her.

Although the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has been able to act more like a caretaker than as a dictator in this case, she will be challenged at Wednesday's pivotal hearing to decide whether Spears' father should remain as her conservator or whether to terminate the conservatorship.

Mathew Rosengart, Spears' lawyer, has been pushing for the removal of her father James Spears ever since Penny hired Rosengart in July. Penny declined Rosengart's request to have an emergency hearing on the matter, and said that it could wait until Wednesday.

In a significant reversal James Spears, who sought conservatorship in 2008 and has been its primary oversight since then, filed a petition to terminate it. He asked the judge to rule on Wednesday on the matter and end any questions about his status.

Britney Spears, Rosengart and Rosengart stated in a later filing that they agreed with her father for the conservatorship to end. This marks the first time Britney has requested that an end to the arrangement be made in court documents.

However, they stressed that her father should be removed. They called it a necessary step towards her freedom and ending the Kafkaesque nightmare that was imposed on her.

Rosengart stated in another filing that James Spears had "crossed unfathomable boundaries" by illegally monitoring her. This includes communications with her lawyer. As reported in Controlling Britney Spears, a documentary from FX and the New York Times, Rosengart also said this in an additional filing.

Britney Spears also got engaged to Sam Asghari, her long-term boyfriend, earlier this month. This means that she put together a prenuptial arrangement in which her father should not be involved, according to court filings.

James Spears, in 2019, stepped aside as the "conservator of his daughter's personality", with control over her life and decisions. He maintained only his role of conservator of her estate with financial control. His attorneys and he have stated that this renders his daughter's complaints about him controlling her life meaningless.

Jodi Montgomery is a court-appointed professional who acts now as Britney Spears' conservator. Rosengart stated in court documents that Montgomery also consents for the conservatorship to be ended as long as it can safely and smoothly.

It is unclear if Britney Spears will participate in Wednesday's hearing. She made dramatic speeches at two hearings decrying her situation, which rallied more celebrities and fans to her cause and increased the #FreeBritney movement.

James Spears denied that he was acting in his daughter's best interests and declined Rosengart’s demands that Rosengart resign immediately. He stated in a court filing, that "to the best knowledge and belief of Mr. Spears, neither a single report from a probate investigator nor a single doctor has suggested that Mr. Spears' presence in conservatorship was causing harm to Ms. Spears, or that he should not be there."

In 2008 Britney Spears began having very public mental problems. Media outlets obsess over every moment and hordes upon paparazzi aggressively followed. She lost custody of her children.