Comprehensive Guide to Raffle Lottery

There is a reason why raffle lotteries are very popular. Once you understand its history and how it is played,

Comprehensive Guide to Raffle Lottery

There is a reason why raffle lotteries are very popular. Once you understand its history and how it is played, then you will also join the millions of people globally who are amazed at how a raffle lottery works.

History of Raffles

The history of raffles is as long as the beginning of human civilization. Raffles have constantly been used by individuals over the years, though in different forms.

The history of raffles can be explained in four stages:

1. Ancient history

In Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Babylon, there were raffle-like games and lotteries that were used to determine winners in community prizes. Even in the Bible, there is a mention of Moses awarding land using a lottery.

The first formal type of lottery is China’s Keno. The Keno lottery is still popular in China and all over the world to-date.

2. Middle age

The first recognizable raffle in history was in 1446 by Flemish artist Van Eyck. Since then it was adopted by other countries as it was a popular way of providing funds for a cause.

3. New world

After the adoption of raffles in the middle age, North America became the recipient of raffles and lotteries in 1612. The first raffle in the United States was in Virginia where the proceeds went back to community development.

4. Today

There are numerous raffle lotteries run for different causes by community groups, charities, churches, and clubs. You can also run your own, using lotterries best raffle software.

Why is Raffle Lottery Popular?

1. Massive jackpot up for grabs

One of the top reasons why raffle lotteries are very popular is because there is always a massive jackpot up for grabs. With the possibility of winning extraordinary amounts, many people are always hooked to raffle lotteries.

2. It has better chances of winning jackpots

A raffle stands a better chance of winning the jackpot compared to normal lotteries. It is easy to win because wins are encouraged since the proceeds are often channeled back to society.

3. There is a fixed number of winners that must win

When playing raffle lotteries, there is a guarantee that a certain percentage of participants must win the lottery. With an assurance that there is a defined number of people who must win a game, many people are enticed to play as they believe that they can be amongst the designated winners.

4. It is fun

Another reason why raffle lotteries are so popular is that they are fun to play. The concept of the raffle is fun and engaging. Unlike most gambling games, raffles are open and players do not feel cheated.

5. Easy to play

It is very easy to play raffles. The game doesn’t require any gambling knowledge and can be played by anyone.

6. Support good causes

Finally, raffles are known to support great causes that promote the development of communities. This makes people feel good when playing the raffles. Even when a person ‘loses’, they do not feel it as they treat it as their contribution towards the selected cause.

How to Play Raffles

There are many raffles played online and in our communities. The rules for playing are different depending on the organizers. However, there are basic things that you should know when you want to play:

  • You decide the raffle lottery that you want to participate in

  • Buy the tickets for the raffle

  • Wait for the draw to see whether you have won or not

What happens if I win?

Again, this is dependent on the organization running the raffle lottery. However, you should expect a call to collect your winnings if you have won the lottery. For small prizes, you can get them directly into your account.

You should be aware of the number of days that you have to collect your claim.

Tips for Players of Raffle Lottery

There are basic tips that you should be aware of if you want to succeed in playing raffles.

1. Always research about the organization

One of the preliminary things that you should do is to research about the organization running the raffle you are just about to participate in. This information is important as it will help you make a decision on whether or not you will buy a ticket.

2. Know where proceeds are channeled to

Another thing that you should be keen on is where the proceeds of the raffles are channeled to. If the proceeds are for a good cause, you will not feel any loss since you will treat it as a contribution towards a worthy cause.

If you want to increase your chances of winning a raffle lottery, use the following tips:

1. Buy more tickets

Raffle lottery is a game of chance, thus, the more tickets you have the increased possibility of you winning. Check out the limit of the number of tickets that you can buy and go for it to increase your winning chances.

2. Spread the tickets in different baskets

You have to be calculative when submitting your tickets into the raffle baskets. Ensure that you put the odds in the different baskets the same or nearly the same. This will increase your chances in the various baskets.

3. Be patient

You need to be patient when expecting wins from raffles. Depending on the number of entries, you might not win in the first couple of rounds, thus, the need to be patient.

The most important tip that you should keep in mind is choosing the right raffle lottery in which to participate. Always choose a transparent organization that will ensure your chances of winning are real.

Things to avoid when playing raffle lotteries

  • Putting your investment money

You should not put the money put aside for your investment into a raffle draw. This may result in unwanted disappointment

  • Don’t be extremely hopeful

Don’t put all your hopes on winning. It is a game of chance that could go either way

  • Don’t quit

Simply because you have lost a couple of raffles doesn’t mean that it is time to quit. You never know when your ticket can be picked.


Playing the raffle lottery is fun and you can win amazing prizes. You simply need to learn a few tricks and maintain positivity knowing that raffles are always for a good cause.

Date Of Update: 28 January 2021, 03:41

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