Famous Games in the Entertainment Industry

Famous Games in the Entertainment Industry

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have a game designed after your dearest movie or celebrity? Well, you might want to sit down for this, but more and more game developers have developed video games based on famous films, actors or personalities. With this phenomenon becoming popular nowadays, we put together a list of the most creative ideas, and, who knows, you might find your favourite here!

Movie-inspired Games

There is something about combining the entertainment of a good movie with the thrill of gaming, so no wonder this industry has become so popular for many gamers. Combining the best moments, characters and music with the latest gaming technology is sure to create a unique experience that leaves both cinephiles and experts satisfied.


A classic old-timer, this concept was brought to life by some game developers and publishers. For example, there is this fighting video game called after the movie, published by Rage Software. In the game, the player controls Rocky Balboa on his boxing journey where he meets adversaries like Spider Rico, champion Apollo Creed and others. The game was released in 2002, pretty old for our nowadays technology. But it remained in everyone's heart because the game sticks closely to the movies with all the characters. The game came along with Rocky DVD and it could be played on Xbox and Playstation. The game has become quite highly renowned that a sequel was done, called Rocky Legends. Overall, the game was created to be an amazingly intricate, but entertaining game.

The Dark Knight

Batman is a favourite of ours, we grew with this character pretty much, and even today continues to inspire many of us. Back then Batman was movies, cartoons and comics. Today, Batman is in everything, more movies, memes included and the on-going war with Superman, don’t worry Cavill, we still like you. The Dark Knight movie and the series had brought to life an incredible performance of the method actor Christian Bale and Heath Ledger (which is considered the best Joker). But let’s not ignore the Batman games, especially the Arkham series.

The Batman Arkham series is a favourite to every Batman fan over there. Developed by Rocksteady Studios and WB Games Montreal, it was published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The Arkham series is based on DC Comic characters, like Batman, Alfred, Jim Gordon etc. Here we see again his past, his fights, his relationship with the Joker voiced by Mark Hamil himself from Star Wars, and other build-up character stories like Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Actually, Poison Ivy ended up being redeemed, because, in the end, she is able to save the city of Gotham from the poison released by Scarecrow.

The Arkham series instalment was met with widespread critical acclaim followed by praise for narrative, voice acting, gameplay systems and design (oh that batman mobile), world design and many others. Even today in 2020, those games never stop being boring.

Celebrity Based iGaming Games

Compared to the previous category, being a celebrity and having a game based only on yourself is considered a much bigger honour. This being considered, you have to be truly famous to earn this distinction, because many contemporary celebrities have been overlooked by this opportunity, including Taylor Swift, or even Justin Bieber.

Marilyn Monroe

While still in the online slots world, we dare to adopt a more feminine approach, while proudly introducing Marilyn Monroe. Playtech is the one making this story true through symbols like her famous incident over the air vents and the overall 1950s glamorous look. A few of the signature moves like her ”horizontal walk” sadly did not make it in the game, but they are compensated by never-ending famous headshots of the blonde bombshell, who almost defines the term ”pop-culture icon”.

Elvis Presley

Still hanging around this beautiful era, we discovered someone so deserving of their own slot machine that he has collected two to his name: Elvis Presley. Also online, they are the artwork of WMS Gaming and include an innovative game board layout. Of course, in the background, you will hear famous hits like ”Hound Dog”, ”A Little Less Conversation” or ”Walk Like An Angel”.

Jimi Hendrix

Still on a musical, but more rock inclined note, NetEnt introduces us to the Jimi Hendrix online slot, which makes you feel like the musician is almost playing with you. With a 5 reel layout, you have transcended to one of his concerts thanks to the amazing, true to life visuals, audio, colourful graphics and 70s style. The scatter symbol is no one other than Jimi playing the guitar, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how easy the game's controls are to understand. Through this game, you feel the thrill of the music while on a tour of the 60s.

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