'Friends' reunion special fans upset James Corden will Sponsor Part of HBO Max special

The popular sitcom's fans took to Twitter to lament the addition of this'Late Late Show' host

'Friends' reunion special fans upset James Corden will Sponsor Part of HBO Max special

"Friends" lovers were treated to the first full scale trailer for HBO Max's upcoming reunion particular, but the experience has been marred for some from the addition of late-night host James Corden.

While the reunion guarantees many segments in which the cast can reminisce, the trailer showed a live panel discussion that appears to be moderated by"The Late Late Show" sponsor.

Corden's voice can be heard asking the throw a few questions regarding the show and he's seen briefly from the trailer too. It had been sufficient to cause"Friends" fans to discuss their alleged displeasure with British chat show host's participation on Twitter.

Some societal media users noticed that there are a myriad of popular stars who appeared on"Friends" over the years that might have been brought into host while some just lamented that Corden was the choice at all.

"it ought to have been paul rudd and christina applegate on the guest starring buddies reunion but we obtained bieber & james corden," one user composed .

"james corden including the friends reunion to the list of things he is ruined with his mere existence," another composed .

"Do not get me wrong I have been wanting a Friends reunion since 2004 but if somebody told me James Corden would be inside I would have advised them not to bother," another composed .

"Finds out there is a Friends Reunion:'I will be there for you!'" One buff joked quoting the show's theme song. "Finds out James Corden is the host, using Justin Bieber performing:'I won't be there for you!'"

While selecting Corden as a part of this series may seem strange to many since he appears as part of CBS's late-night lineup and"Friends" is synonymous with NBC, there might be a very easy explanation as to why he had been tapped to perform some hosting responsibilities during the specific.

"Friends: The Reunion," which is set to fall on WarnerMedia's HBO Max streaming service May 27, is produced in part by Fulwell 73, the production company behind"The Late Late Show." That will explain why they turned to the Emmy and Tony-winner to sponsor a discussion with the cast.

Along with their chat with Corden, the"Friends" reunion claims to select the throw back into the first soundstage, Stage 24, on the Warner Bros.. Studio lot in Burbank, Calif. to tour the re-created place and discuss their time on the hugely popular show.

"Friends" premiered in 1994 and ran for 10 seasons, ending in 2004.

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