How to Play Online Casino Games & Make your Payments with Bitcoin

Playing in online casinos is unquestionably fun. Online gambling with bitcoin is here to change for the better the experience of those who choose this way of entertainment,

How to Play Online Casino Games & Make your Payments with Bitcoin

Introduction to online bitcoin Casinos

Playing in online casinos is unquestionably fun. Online gambling with bitcoin is here to change for the better the experience of those who choose this way of entertainment, gaining more and more ground, as it has significant advantages over traditional casino sites. Use "probably fair" technology to be 100% sure that the results are not altered (you can verify the truth of the result in each bet). Absolute anonymity, without personal information. Direct deposits and withdrawals.

Are you afraid of being robbed of money at an online casino?

Are you worried that your data (ID - credit card) will not be disclosed or used by third parties without your knowledge? The truth is that you have to enter a lot of your details (even ID or account) to be allowed to play in online casinos so far. Bitcoins will enable us to enjoy the game in online casinos without including the problems we usually encounter on a site of this kind.

Introduction to bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin transactions between users appear in the blockchain; any changes in the users' wallet appear almost immediately. Unlike using bank deposits or using a credit card (with bookings of up to 6% sometimes), there is no need for processing time for the transaction as there are no third party services.

This instant withdrawal feature allows you to feel even more secure with your money in case anything "bad" happens at the online casino. Your bitcoins will already be in your wallet (bitcoin wallet).

Playing at online casinos and anonymity with bitcoin

Online casinos like to know where the money comes from; they want to be able to find the sender in case a scam is involved while at the same time maintaining huge databases for their customers who use a variety. This is why the casinos ask for information like ID, or even a recent account with your address. All of this is good on the casino side, but it is perfectly normal for them to stress you out and make you nervous.

For the use of bitcoin in these casinos, you do not ask for anything except (the already anonymous wallet address (bitcoin wallet address), which you can change as many times as you want—even hundreds. With bitcoin, there is no longer the stress of legislative restrictions in every state; online gambling with bitcoin has no borders, as does its currency. Electronic currency leaves no trace …

Are there any bitcoin scams on casino websites?

Gambling sites have always been an easy target for scams. Fake sites and gambling scams will exist as long as gambling exists. We can give you the best advice to avoid such scams to play only in the biggest and most reliable bitcoin casinos on the internet. As we have mentioned many times on our site, make sure you have the firewall enabled on your computer. The antivirus is always updated and does not click from unreliable sources. Finally, the passwords you use can not be easily predicted and contain special characters.

Can the games be set up? What is "Probably Fair" in bitcoin casinos?

If the casino uses "Probably Fair" technology, it means with mathematical accuracy, the game is played fairly, and the result is not affected in any way. It's the casino revolution, and it's something you can only have online. You can even check the truth of each round yourself.

It’s essential to know that each game's results are based on a random number (RNG). In the final result, we have a direct relationship, and since in each batch is added a number of us (client seed) in a complex equation that is not solved by the casino (server seed) with the numbers being encrypted (sha256) so neither the casino nor anyone else can intervene to alter the result.

Think of it this way, in a casino you can check the deck to make sure of the deck, its condition, and its cards. In online casinos, you can not be sure of the deck. But not if "Probably Fair" technology is used. Casinos using bitcoin have adopted it as another robust layer of security for players. It is unlikely that such a casino will deceive you.

What are the best options:

There are hundreds of casino bitcoins on the internet, and they seem to thrive.
We really spent a lot of time finding and trying out where you can play with bitcoins and be sure of your choice. We will add more soon.

We checked a lot and we played in most of them to come up with only a few. Several factors make one bitcoin casino better than the other. We here decided based on the following criteria:

How long has the casino been online?

  • How popular and reliable is it?
  • How easy is it to use (User Interface)?
  • Has it been hacked?
  • What is being written about this in various forums?
  • How fast do admins respond to issues that arise?
  • Does the online casino system incorporate the "probably fair" system?
  • How much is the rake (the smaller, the better)?
  • What is the bankroll of the casino (the total number of bitcoins available in their reserve)?

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