June record could fall: Heat wave: Up to 38 degrees on Saturday

We should use today and tomorrow for ventilation, says ntv meteorologist Björn Alexander.

June record could fall: Heat wave: Up to 38 degrees on Saturday

We should use today and tomorrow for ventilation, says ntv meteorologist Björn Alexander. Because from Wednesday, really hot air will come to us from Spain and Portugal. Alexander predicts three days with over 30 degrees. Then everything collapses.

The first heat wave of 2022 is rolling. Although it will not affect everyone equally, it will be very hot for several days in a row, especially in the south-west. "The 35-degree mark will be broken in many places at the weekend and some new June decade records cannot be ruled out," predicts ntv meteorologist Björn Alexander, adding: "Even the absolute record of 38.3 degrees could be surpassed."

The heat wave originated in the Sahara. From there, the warm air has moved north. And so the heat that is supposed to appear here next weekend is, or is, currently in south-west Europe. There, in Spain and Portugal, temperatures have been rising for days. The first temperature peak of the year is likely to be reached in both countries tomorrow, Tuesday. Meteorologists in Spain predict sweltering heat of up to 44 degrees. The temperatures on the Iberian Peninsula slowly drop again from the middle of the week to the weekend, while this heat bell - in a somewhat weaker form - is also transported directly to Germany via France. It will also be very hot in Italy and the Balkans in five to seven days.

At least that's what the weather computers predict. "But there are still a few uncertainties in the weather models," says Björn Alexander. But the majority of the models would actually point to "hot" temperatures at the weekend, according to the weather expert. So far, one thing is certain: it will be increasingly hot in the second half of the week and at the weekend. A heat wave would then be in sight as the grand finale. "Should that actually be the case, peak values ​​of up to 37 or 38 degrees are conceivable at the peak on Saturday," said Björn Alexander. That would then roughly correspond to the record values ​​​​for the second third of June, which are often in the range of around 34 to 38 degrees. Björn Alexander: "More is hardly possible." And if the heat peak on Saturday - as calculated - is reached, then it would also be a full-fledged heat wave with at least three days of 30 degrees and more.

The potential of the heat is also very large in Germany. Although we are currently not calculating 40 degrees, according to wetter.de it can be over 35 degrees in many places and thus new records for the second decade of June (11th to 20th June). Even the absolute record of 38.3 degrees, measured in Herten on June 18, 2002, is within reach. Paul Heger from wetter.de points out that this is the second time record-breaking heat has been measured in Germany within four weeks. Because already in mid-May it was mid-summer warm in Germany. The highest temperature of 33.7 degrees was measured in Ohlsbach, north-east of Freiburg im Breisgau, on May 20th. In Ohlsbach, 13 summer days (over 25 degrees) and even four hot days (over 30 degrees) were reported in the merry month of May.

However, it will still be a while before it gets hot. "The whole thing only picks up speed on Tuesday or Wednesday," says Björn Alexander. Before that, the cold front from low "Nana" ensures cooler temperatures. "We should use it to air things out, because by Wednesday at the latest, the 30-degree mark from the south-west will be falling more and more often," said Alexander. According to the meteorologist, there could even be a few showers in the southeast on Friday.

The heat bubble will reach its peak across the board on Saturday. However, not everywhere in Germany to the same extent. 30 to 35 degrees will flood the west, north and east. It gets extremely hot near the Rhine with temperatures above 35 degrees. It seems to be getting a little more relaxed in terms of heat around the Danube and in the Ore Mountains.

After Sunday there are signs of cooling again from the north-west. "Possibly also with storms," ​​says expert Heger, who is overjoyed about the early summer. The following week starts - according to the current status - in any case only with 14 to 23 degrees.

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