Liverpool The BBC places Blanca Paloma in the Top 3 of Eurovision

"Prediction: Top 3"

Liverpool The BBC places Blanca Paloma in the Top 3 of Eurovision

"Prediction: Top 3". This is how blunt the BBC music critic, Mark Savage, has been about the position that Blanca Paloma and her Eaea could get in the Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, in the top three. Although the critic is sincere and affirms that he is not usually correct with her predictions, he is also very clear regarding the song that will represent Spain in Eurovision: "One of the most musically intriguing entries this year."

Savage coincides for the moment with the bookmakers that place Blanca Paloma in the Top 5 of the festival. In the article, in which the music critic describes each of the songs that are presented this year at Eurovision, Savage believes that Loreen, representing Sweden, and La Zarra, from France, are potential winners of Eurovision 2023, followed by Blanca Paloma, would be in the top three.

Regarding Loreen, the journalist assures that she is the "favorite of the bookmakers" and that her song, Tattoo, "is a stormy trance anthem that sweeps you away like a hurricane." "The opening tune makes a clever nod to Abba's The Winner Takes It All, and the staging is spectacular," he says.

As for La Zarra, Savage assures that she could be the artist to break France's losing streak, which has not won Eurovision for 45 years. "The 25-year-old has conjured up a heady mix of smoky jazz vocals and wispy disco beats for her Eurovision entry. She's quietly beautiful, like a Sunday morning Dua Lipa of sorts.

Regarding Spain, although it does not place it as a "potential winner", it does highlight the work of Blanca Paloma and the song: "Eaea is all flamenco applause and lines of Arabic voices, enhanced with a pulsating synthesizer line", affirms the critic of British public broadcaster.

Savage goes on to explain the origin of Blanca Paloma's song: "The 33-year-old singer wrote the song to honor her roots: the artwork features a photograph of her late grandmother, Carmen, who introduced her to flamenco, and she performs with five showgirls, who represent the power and strength of their female ancestors".

His conclusion is that everything will depend "on how Blanca's melismatic vocal performance can be recreated live." "If she wins, expect a lot of Una Paloma Blanca headlines," she concludes.

Since Blanca Paloma was chosen at the Benidorm Fest to represent Spain in Eurovision 2023, the artist has been raising the stakes strongly as a possible Eurovision winner.

This week the woman from Elche surprised in Tel Aviv, as part of her promotional tour, by presenting a new version of the song with which she will represent Spain at the European festival. José Pablo Polo, composer of the theme, and the artist added a different opening to the original production.

The audience at the event was impressed and applauded this unexpected introduction, which has an instrumental part and in which the singer already boasts a jet of voice.

"It is a way to start with the invocation in a very intense way from the first moment," said the artist, surprised by the reception that her song is having among the public.

"Once again we have verified that music is universal and that it is part of everyone because, even if the public does not understand the language, they connect with the emotion of the song," said Blanca Paloma. In addition, she pointed out that her goal will continue to be to teach different ways of interpreting the composition so that it "always stays alive."

The winner of the Benidorm Fest 2023 has already performed Eaea in Lisbon, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Her next destination is Madrid, since she will be the host of PrePartyES 2023 that can be seen in the Spanish capital on Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of April. "She will perform two special and different performances," advance the organizers.

Their promotional tour will continue at the Eurovision in Concert event, which will be held in Amsterdam on Saturday, April 15. A day later, on Sunday April 16, she will be in London to perform at the London Eurovision Party 2023.

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