Italy Silvio Berlusconi suffers from leukemia

The San Rafael hospital has broken its silence about the state of health of Silvio Berlusconi with an official statement issued by the doctors Albertyo Zangrillo and Fabio Ciceri, who are treating him

Italy Silvio Berlusconi suffers from leukemia

The San Rafael hospital has broken its silence about the state of health of Silvio Berlusconi with an official statement issued by the doctors Albertyo Zangrillo and Fabio Ciceri, who are treating him. In it they assure that the pneumonia suffered by the politician is the result of "a chronic hematological disease of which he has been a carrier for a long time." Specifically, it is chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. According to the statement, the doctors have confirmed that the disease is in a "chronic" phase and there is an absence of evolutionary features to acute leukemia.

The two specialists have specified how the situation could evolve: "The current therapeutic strategy involves treating the lung infection and applying a specialized cytoreductive treatment aimed at limiting the negative effects of pathological hyperleukocytosis and restoring pre-existing clinical conditions." In other words, the first objective is to control the lung infection and then to act against the leukemia.

Only ten days ago, on Monday March 27, Silvio Berlusconi entered the San Rafael hospital late in the afternoon, and he did it under his own power. For those who know Berlusconi, this is an important detail that leads them to consider that it was an almost routine admission, which could be considered a medical "control".

He did not do it by helicopter or by ambulance, as on other occasions. Berlusconi left the hospital four days later, on March 30. The doctors' advice was for him to rest and avoid stress at all costs.

On April 2, Palm Sunday, a photo posted on Instagram shows a smiling Berlusconi on the lawn of Villa San Martino: "For me today is also the festival of all flowers. I love all of them, especially tulips, for the variety of their colors. So look what I've made: a meadow, a large meadow of tulips in my house. Do you like them? Later I'll try to show you better on television," he said.

And yesterday, just a week after he returned home, he returned to the San Rafael hospital at noon. This time the entrance to the medical center was also in her private car, without an ambulance. But shortly after 1:00 p.m., the news arrived that surprised everyone: he had to be admitted to the intensive care unit, the Q wing of the hospital, on the -1 floor. The first rumors spoke of respiratory problems related to a relapse of pneumonia.

Those who know Silvio Berlusconi well do not hide the fact that the situation is delicate, although it is not described as dramatic. His children, one after another, immediately came to visit his father. From Marina to Piersilvio, passing through Barbara, Eleanora and in the afternoon Luigi, since they were concerned about the state of health of the founder of Fininvest, Mediaset and Forza Italia.

The certainty that there was something even more serious behind his admission came shortly after: Silvio Berlusconi suffers from leukemia. This same disease was the one that caused his previous hospitalization. Therefore, they were not routine examinations, but also a treatment. The pains that plague him and the pneumonia of the last days are actually complications that can take their toll on an already weakened physical state. Now, after a Pet test, he is scheduled to undergo bone marrow extraction and treatment for leukemia.

To understand the concern for the health of the former Italian prime minister, it is enough to remember that he is 86 years old and his health has been on the edge several times. In 2021, the assistant prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano already said that he was "seriously ill" and, for this reason, he was granted a recess in the Ruby Ter trial, in which he was later acquitted on February 16, 2023.

In June 2016, Berlusconi had to undergo open heart surgery after a disease caused by aortic insufficiency. It was so serious that his trusted doctor, Alberto Zangrillo, head of Anesthesia and Resuscitation at San Rafael, assured that he was at risk of death. "He was really in serious, worrying condition, and he was aware of it," he stressed. In April 2019, acute renal colic caused him to miss the presentation of the European candidates for Forza Italia at Villa Gernetto, and in September 2020 he tested positive for Covid and developed bilateral pneumonia.

On that last occasion he was hospitalized for 11 days. He was discharged on September 14 and delivered a nearly seven-minute speech: "Thank heaven and the professionalism of the doctors, I have passed what I consider to have been the most dangerous test of my life." Shortly after, he found another important test: in April 2021 he spent 24 days in the hospital, where he arrived directly by helicopter. Medical tests showed abnormal values ​​linked to immune problems.

In January 2022, barely a year ago, he had to be hospitalized again for a urinary infection.

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