Loki Episode 3 recap: Marvel's trickster, Loki, gets in touch his feminine side

The Disney Plus show follows Loki as she enters the unknown through a portal.

Loki Episode 3 recap: Marvel's trickster, Loki, gets in touch his feminine side

Disney Plus' Episode 3 of Loki’s solo adventure aired Wednesday. It revealed where the God of Mischief ended after he abandoned the Time Variance Authority to pursue his female Variant through the portal. Marvel Cinematic Universe's show is set after Loki escapes captivity in Avengers: Endgame 2012.

Lady Loki (British actor Sophia Di Martino), bombed the Sacred Timeline using stolen TVA reset charges. This created countless branches and undone the work of the timeline cops. Her male counterpart, Tom Hiddleston, told her that her plot was not about him. This probably made him so intrigued that he decided to follow her and abandon his TVA pal Mobius Wilson (Owen Wilson).

Mobius won't have much time for boredom, as Lady Loki attacked the agency.

You shouldn't call her Loki

The female Loki Variant snaps back at her male counterpart, calling her Loki. She apparently has forgotten that identity. It is easier to distinguish between them if she prefers "Sylvie," but it does not make sense. It may also be a reference to Sylvie Lushton (comics character) who was the second Asgardian god Enchantress when Loki gave her his powers.

Loki interrupts her years-in-the-making plan for reaching the Time-Keepers and teleports them there to the moon Lamentis-1, 2077. This is one of the apocalypses Sylvie had programmed into her TemPad in order to evade the TVA.

Although we don't know much about Sylvie, it seems that she escaped the Sacred Timeline very early in her life. This clearly indicates that she had a completely different experience than Loki. She doesn't seem to have been adopted by Odin, and therefore didn't share the same bond as Loki's adoptive mom Frigga. She also learned about her Frost Giant heritage from a different source.

Based on her question about Loki and his romances, she found that they are both bisexual. "A little bit of each. "I suspect you are the same."

Director Kate Herron said that one of her goals when she joined the show was to highlight the God of Mischief’s sexuality.

In a tweet, she stated that "from the moment I joined @LokiOfficial, it was very important for me, and my aim, to acknowledge Loki as bisexual," It is part of him and my identity. Although it is a small step, I am happy and filled with joy to announce that Canon is now #mcu.

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