New Major Player Entering Saipan’s Online Gambling Industry

Saipan will have a new online gambling company making waves there shortly.

New Major Player Entering Saipan’s Online Gambling Industry

Saipan will have a new online gambling company making waves there shortly. The company Imperial Pacific International is making moves to enter the market in the island just off to the east of the Philippines. Of course, this will have some impact on the Philippine market, as this island nation and the island of Saipan share a lot of culture and industry. What happens in one area is sure to have a spillover effect on the other. 

The company Imperial Pacific International has declared its interest in starting up some online gambling operations in Saipan, and they may expand over to the Philippines later on. The company has worked with the House Gaming Committee to file a statement of interest with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

This all follows a new bill from the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands that would enable regional gaming operations out of CNMI. This could mean big things for not just Mariana but also for the Philippines and the larger region. Filipinos could be seeing online casinos from Mariana appear on their internet services and have access to online slots from their nearby neighbor. 

The bill would allow licenses to be issued for the area and permit online gambling that could include international online slots, local blackjack gambling, free online pokies games for Australians, roulette for Filipinos and much more. Imperial Pacific International is truly going international, and their efforts are likely to be felt not just in the local area but all around the world. After all, the locales where online gambling is prevalent tend to provide online gambling opportunities to countries everywhere. There are places all across the globe where online gambling is not permitted, but many more where it is prevalent. Many places in the world where online gambling is popular don’t actually have their own home-grown online casinos and have to source them from elsewhere, which is why gambling hotspots like Saipan are making such a big impact on this industry all across the world. 

The bill has to be approved first, and Imperial Pacific International has to get approval as well. Once all of that happens, though, the online gambling scene for the region could see a major change. All of this would be regulated by the CCC (Commonwealth Casino Commission). That is actually the very same government body that is looking providing oversight for the integrated resort IPI is building in Saipan. 

As IPI expands to new industries and reaches the online space, it will start to have a serious effect on the surrounding countries and islands. 

As many Filipinos know, online gambling is legal in the Philippines. Even when those online sites are sourced from outside the country, gambling is still permitted for Philippine residents. This is a booming industry that has only seen growth from year to year, and many offshore operations provide Filipinos with gambling options that they could not get locally. There are numerous online gambling games that are not permitted within the confines of the Philippines that can be legally access in the century, so longs they come from offshore. 

Filipinos constantly have to deal with unscrupulous online gambling sites, though, as there are some that take advantage of Philippines residents. It can sometimes be difficult to find legitimate business in this industry, which is why Filipinos are cautioned to only access trusted online casinos. This is also why a major player like Imperial Pacific International should be welcome as an offshore gambling operation, since it is well known and will provide legitimate business and gambling opportunities. 

These visiting the Philippines are not restricted under its local laws from accessing offshore gambling options. That means that international casinos that operate online tend to do big business in the Philippines, which is an international tourist hotspot. People come from all over the world to experience the beaches and culture of the Philippines, and many of them to do engage in gambling online while they are here. A new operation like what IPI is building will be welcome and will help to bring in revenue for the region. 

This industry was legally upheld in a 2012 ruling in Philippine courts, and the law permits people to access internet casino and other forms of online gambling from the country so long as they are sourced outside of the Philippines. 

Date Of Update: 15 November 2019, 13:51

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