Niecy Nah and Jessica Betts are the 1st couple to have same-sex on Essence's cover

This magazine cover is a year and half after the couple shared their viral wedding announcement via social media.

Niecy Nah and Jessica Betts are the 1st couple to have same-sex on Essence's cover

Niecy Nah, actress and television host, and Jessica Betts, singer, made history as the first couple of same-sex to be featured on the cover Essence magazine.

The cover story, entitled "Niecy Nash & Wife Jessica Are Sure Bets", features the couple discussing their love and romance.


The "Claws” star tweeted photos from Thursday's Essence photo shoot along with hashtags such as #makinghistory or #BlackHerstory.

After Nash discovered Betts’ music, the couple met via social media. Over the next four years they developed a friendship, which turned romantic after a night at Nash’s.

Nash, 52 years old, said that she was anxious at dinner because she felt something. It was so overwhelming. I tried to figure out if it was me, because I wanted to keep the night alive. The night became the rest of my life."

The couple is still stunned by the public's reaction 18 months later, after their announcement of marriage went viral on social networking.

According to Nash, "Many people thought it was a movie promo." "They called everybody and we were like, "This is insane!" I've never understood why people care so much about where your head is. "People care?" I thought.

Betts and Nash, who also go by Carol Denise Betts, say that they are still in love and want to capture it for all the world.

"If there is an agenda, it's that queer joy will be spread. It's needed all over the world. Betts stated that it was "real talk".

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