Play Live Roulette in the Philippines

Thanks to advances in innovation and technology, a new and exciting variety of live casino games were born.

Play Live Roulette in the Philippines

Thanks to advances in innovation and technology, a new and exciting variety of live casino games were born. Live Roulette offers players an interactive and interesting experience where they can enjoy playing the game in the comfort of their own home.

Online live roulette casino game connects players to a real human dealer who spins the real wheel on a casino located in a remote set here in the Philippines. Aside from futuristic lights and sounds, several cameras also enable the bettors to watch multiple angles of the high definition video stream. The dealer is also usually equipped with a microphone to answer any questions or concerns a player might have.

It is also not bad that the Filipino live dealer is usually attractive and can converse well in the English language.

Combine all of this and you will get an authentic roulette experience that a physical casino offers.

Technical Requirements to Play Live Roulette

First, you need to have a reasonably fast internet connection to get the most out of the action. An internet connection with 25 MBPS or above will suffice to load online roulette. You can also play with low internet speed but you won't be able to enjoy it since stream quality will be bad. Interaction with the live dealer will also be affected.

You can also play live roulette games using your desktop or laptop. It is recommended having at least Core i-5 processor or above, 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 or newer for efficient user gameplay.

Most of the top-rated online casino software developers have created live roulette games that can be played on your mobile device. It can be played on a mobile operating system such as Android or iOS. Live roulette casino is also optimized to be played on smaller screens.

Regardless of the platform, games are designed to excite the players, deliver a space-age experience, and provide authentic interaction with the dealers.

How to Play Live Roulette

To play in a live roulette online casino, simply follow the general steps below:

  • Choose a reputable online casino and sign-up
  • Log-in and look for ‘Live Roulette’ or a similarly-named tab.
  • Pick a specific version of the game to play. There are different variants available based on a site.
  • Join a live roulette table
  • Wait for the live dealer roulettes’ instructions and place your bet
  • The live dealer will announce where the ball landed and declare the winners

Different Live Roulette Versions Online

There are several versions of roulette you can play live online. Check out the most played variant of roulette played online then you can start playing live roulette online for real money.

Live French Roulette

This kind of roulette offers the highest RTP(Return-to-Player), meaning that those simply looking to make money should pick this game over the others.

Live European Roulette

The most popular type of roulette. This is because the odds are with only 2.7% house advantage.

Live American Roulette

Offers 5.25% house advantage but still, a lot of players love to play live American Roulette

There are also other versions of the game but the rules are almost the same. Numbers ranging from 0 to 36 are placed in a live roulette table in a specific order. In American Roulette, “00” is added to the table. You will place your bet and the dealer will spin the roulette and roll the ball in another direction. If the ball stops in the number you predicted, then you are declared the winner.

Bets are generally categorized as “Inside Bet” and “Outside Bet”. Outside bets offer a lesser payout when winning, however, your chances of winning are higher. This strategy is good for conservative and new players. Inside betting gives a higher payout but with a lower chance of success. This betting style is suitable for risk-takers.

Maximize your Live Roulette Experience

If you are playing for money, you should look for tips that can give you an advantage. Look at the tips below to increase your chances of winning:

TIP 1: Strategize and be patient

Pick a strategy. Be patient and be disciplined. Few roulette strategies can be followed that even professionals use. Even if you aren’t playing for money, it’s a good tip for mastery of the game.

TIP 2: Set a Limit and Follow it

Always have a set limit for losses and winnings. Follow it religiously. Learn to quit when you are winning, as the adage goes “always quit while you’re ahead.”

TIP 3: Play at Trustworthy Online Casino

Choosing the right casino can also increase your chances of winning. These casinos can offer bonuses and live promotions that other shady sites do not.

Date Of Update: 26 August 2020, 12:06

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