'That Is Us' Stars On Shooting Parts Of Series Finale"Seasons Ago", Rebecca's"Devastating" Future, Kate's Season 5 Finale Shocker & More

Moore, who plays matriarch Rebecca Pearson, and Metz, who plays with her daughter Kate, confirmed that the show's main cast knows how the story finishes. "We all know some pretty major milestone moments. We just don't understand in what order it's likely to come out, and when it's going to inevitably emerge," explained Moore. "But I believe we understand the big picture of big things that are happening, especially for our characters."

'That Is Us' Stars On Shooting Parts Of Series Finale"Seasons Ago", Rebecca's"Devastating" Future, Kate's Season 5 Finale Shocker & More

In conversation with Deadline, Moore also offered a reminder that"we've shot a number of the very last episode of this series already. Like seasons ago, also," as some of the show's creatives had hinted at in the past.

Seeing Rebecca's storyline in Season 6,'' Moore stated,"I think we sort of know where that's headed."

The actress is almost assuredly referring to her character's battle with an advancing case of Alzheimer's, which could lead in her death by end of year. On the subject of this storyline, she said:"I understand it will be dealt with care and consideration, and respect and elegance, in the way I believe we handle all difficult subjects on the series. I really don't know just how we are going to realize that unfold although, especially. However, I do understand that it's going to be quite devastating, as the disease is devastating."

"I believe we'll still, in That Is Us style, have flashbacks to moments that type of tie the past to the present," she explained. "So, he is still very much a part of the family, in ways which will tug at everybody's heartstrings."

For her part, Metz touched on Kate's long run, and the possibility that she will continue to pursue her passion for music. "I think Kate is really fulfilled within her job at this time, and that I think, like Rebecca, that there is always some sort of calling inside," Metz said. "And of course, we saw [Kate's son] Jack older and chasing music onto a really major scale. So, I don't know if that will be sufficient for Kate, you know? But we will see."

"I believe what we'll get to see is these five years between [the present and flash-forwards], and the way that it's kind of beginning, middle, ending with Kate and Toby," she explained. "I am really curious about this and the way that it starts to really dissolve."

While the character explains that she will not marry someone she believes doesn't love her, Fogelman said on Tuesday that a future for Kevin and Madison is nevertheless a chance. "I believe if they could find love, then that'd be amazing," Thompson said, in reaction. "But if not, then I expect they each find it within their respective relationships."

Thompson shared her admiration of the"integrity," on the portion of Fogelman and his writing team, in going out on their own terms. Metz called the thought of finishing the show"really bittersweet."

"It's a really gigantic, life-changing, six-year chapter of my life...that gorgeous time in my life and our lives, and it is so hard," she explained. "I know that we're all excited to start a new chapter, but [also] you're like,'I need to read it . '''

By Moore's perspective, thinking about the show end is"so weird" since"it seems like we just got started.

"The show changed...all of our lives, therefore it is hard to imagine...Like, where can you go from here? Just simply, selfishly, as a celebrity, I am like,'There will neverbe a job like this, ever again.' It's exactly like a dream upon a dream, upon a fantasy, and it's a once-in-a-career job," she added. "So in that sense, I'm holding on for dear life, and I'm going to savor each and every moment next season. I think we all do each year."

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