FDA approves the first condom designed for anal sex

One Male Condom will become the first to be allowed to use a "safe, effective use" label in order reduce sexually transmitted infections during anal sex.

FDA approves the first condom designed for anal sex

The U.S. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved this week the first condom that is specifically designed for anal intercourse.

Although the One Male Condom may not be significantly different from other condoms, it will be the first to receive the "safely and effective use" label. This is for sexually transmitted diseases during anal sex. It can also be used as a contraceptive or as a way to reduce STIs in vaginal intercourse.

"This historic shift shows that researchers, advocates and companies can make a lasting impact on public health efforts," Davin, founder and president of Boston's Global Protection Corp, which makes the One Male Condom, stated in a statement. "There have been more than 300 condoms that can be used with vaginal data. Never before has an condom been approved for use with anal data.

Courtney Lias is the director of FDA's Office of GastroRenal and ObGyn. She noted that the risk of STI infection during anal intercourse was "significantly higher" than when it occurs during vaginal intercourse.

The FDA has approved condoms that are specifically indicated, evaluated, and labeled to be used during anal intercourse. Lias stated in a statement that this may increase condom use during such intercourses. "This authorization further helps us achieve our priority of advancing health equity through safe and effective products that cater to diverse populations."

Anal sex is the most likely to contract HIV. The risk of HIV transmission from anal sex is about 18x higher than from receptive vaginal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gay and bisexual men accounted for 69 per cent of the 36.801 HIV/AIDS diagnoses in America in 2019. According to the CDC, queer men of color were more prevalent in this group than their counterparts of Latino men (37%), Black men (32%), and white men (25%).

One Male Condoms come in three sizes: standard, thin, and fitted. The fitted version comes in 54 sizes.

According to the FDA condom failure is condom slippage or breaking. A clinical trial was conducted with 252 men who sex with other men and 252 men who sex directly with women.

Dr. Will DeWitt is the clinical director of anal at the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, New York City. He said that condoms have been approved and could be a useful tool in HIV/AIDS prevention.

DeWitt stated that condoms could be used for anal sex, and that the encouragement of others would encourage them to do so. "Condoms are still an important tool for those who can't or don't want PrEP."

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (or PrEP) is a form of daily medication that prevents HIV/AIDS from people who have not been diagnosed. The FDA approved an injectable PrEP shot last year that can be administered every two months.

DeWitt added that he was concerned about the One Male Condom's marketing and name.

DeWitt stated that anal sex is a right for everyone. "Even though it may be the view of who must wear the condom it is not only males and men who are male-identified who should use it."

Although condoms have been recommended by health professionals for STI prevention via anal sex, DeWitt stated that FDA approval was long overdue.

DeWitt stated that "Here, we are in 2022 and we are just now getting condoms approved to anal sex." He also noted that it has been more than 30 years since the outbreak of the HIV epidemic. It's frustrating that this endorsement has taken so long.

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