Final GH VIP: AND so ends the worst GH of the story

GH VIP and the despicable spectacle of Ángel Garó The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP GH VIP and the destruction of Monica Hoyos: "I Will

Final GH VIP: AND so ends the worst GH of the story

GH VIP and the despicable spectacle of Ángel Garó

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP

GH VIP and the destruction of Monica Hoyos: "I Will do what I have to do"

GH VIP and the alarming obsession of Monica's Holes

The 13 of September they opened the doors of GH VIP 6. It opened with the same emotion, excitement and controversy of all the big brothers. Nothing was suggested that it would become the worst Big Brother in the history of reality tv. And I don't say the worse because it has not achieved the goals of the audience, which has managed to outweigh, or because you have not given to Telecinco what you are looking for with this type of programs, or because he was bored, or because you have not given the game, I speak of the worst because it has been the GH of the tension, the GH of the anger, the GH of the shame, the GH's out of control, the GH of the audience (and the force).

Miriam Saavedra has won the coveted briefcase ahead of Suso, second, and The Koala. Miriam, the queen inca has achieved a award that resarce the harassment and demolition that has suffered during these three months in the house of Guadalix. If there is someone who deserves the throne she is. Not only for this suffering, but because without it this issue would have passed without penalty or glory.

Everything revolved around it. The fights, the controversies, the coexistence, the insults, the desquicies and, yes, friendship. The friendship of it, The Koala and Verdeliss, the only true friendship that has been in the house. If added to this is the cross that has been on their backs by the obsession of a woman, Monica Hoyos, has all the ingredients to be the winner.

I will Not deny that the personality of Miriam is a theatrical way, maddening, alters biorhythms, but if a few have managed to live with it, why the others do not? Because it was Monica. The work of Monica, the competition for Monica, the life of Monica in the house since he came Miriam (three days after the premiere) was put in against all the inhabitants, and did his work very well.

From the minute one war between these two women (the worst, by a man) divided the house into two camps: Miriam, The Koala and Verdeliss, on the one hand, and the mugrepandi, on the other. Monica had achieved their goal on the basis of a campaign of harassment and demolition that even already outside of the house remains without seeing, and without recognize. There is No bigger blind that the one who does not want to see.

Miriam became the target of all the insults, all the attacks coming to ends that rarely have been seen in GH, and the times that we have seen have ended in penalty or disciplinary dismissal. But this GH does not. In this GH no matter what you do, how to do, who to do, or that boundaries are crossed (and crossed many) that is allowed to pass with the hope that colara. But not sneaks.

The Social Networks, especially Twitter, have become in this GH on the platform the audience from very early realized that in this issue things were not doing well. Monica, Angel, Suso came over the line many, many times and none of the times did nothing. It seemed that not interested. And the worst, that is already enough, it is not to do anything, but also tried to cover and defend the indefensible, causing a tension that has seldom been seen with a television program.

When the water seemed to be coming back to your channel, a new controversy broke out, and, again, the program remained without doing anything. I understand perfectly that try to protect the contestants. The exposure that they have to undergo to be, in addition, public figures who live by their image, is very large and have to have some sort of protection, but protection does not mean manipulation.

The comment of Omar a night of partying inciting Asraf to lie down on his bed with Miriam because she was drunk and was not aware he had cost the expulsion. There was No expulsion, but if justification as he was kicked out of the home (the following week). Omar said in a playful tone, no doubt, but humorous or not, the attitudes of this ilk may not be consent. Said Jorge Javier Vázquez to the purpose of another thing, but that to me is worth the same, society has changed and that a few years ago it was normal now offended and no longer supported, nor permitted, nor is agree, thank God.

GH allowed and the hearing ended up taking cards in the matter denounces before the Institute of the Woman. Because if there is someone has been the protagonist of this GH, that has been the audience. I think, after this edition, the program continues without knowing your audience. The audience of GH is not the audience of other reality shows, the audience of GH live for GH. See the 24 hours, analyzes, scrutinizes, observes, records, and does not pass nor a because GH becomes a part of them. And as part of them does not consent or harassment and takedowns as he has had to live with Miriam, or apology for sexual abuse, or machismos indecent, no racism, no cheating or cardboard.

Omar was passed to Suso, the 'protected' for this edition, the contestant who has come to the end simply because he has never been nominated, the inhabitant that more help has been offered by the program, the guy that change his attitude as he went up his mother to the house and warned him that he was bundling out. And that was bundling out was this:

"This is a parasite"; "As I goal with your physique there is no psychologist that will fix it"; "What you are looking for is to stay here to live the story because in your country you do not have where to fall dead"; "bitch"; "Dirty..."."This is the image you give it, moving her tits and ass like a slut"; "Never would have as a girlfriend, as much as 'follamiga', to fuck yes I like, for fucking nothing more...""If I don't have a girlfriend is because women don't value for anything, and we only want for the money"; "let's clean up the women!"; "What if he says no? I fuck"; "I lie with two aunts and they ended up the two by calling them a bitch and I laughing...".

And we must add to this the scorn constants to the audience and to the program itself. His despicable comments sexist and burned even more to the audience, put against the ropes to the program, but where are you going, apples bring. The solution of the program was not punishing you, it was not a very serious talk with him and show him that were not going to consent to this type of comments. What for? The solution was to send his mother to put on notice, and then the contest Suso has changed radically.

Yes, followed pissed that mona because each time it looked more clear who was the favorite of the audience, but no more insults, no more humiliation at the women, they ran their blunders. Suso was contained because he knew what he had, because he was warned. Now, after leaving Monica and Aurah, Suso is another Suso. Has been reconciled with Miriam and The Koala, is happy, excited, happy, nothing to do with the Suso chop and macho, but the one that pokes out the leg...

Worse was Angel Garó, and worse remains. Angel started out as a great contestant. He got along well with everyone, although he had his preferences. Did not lead to a bad roll, he went into the kitchen and there he was happy, until we removed the kitchen. His companions, especially Asraf, wanted to end the dictatorship of the cook, and Angel is transformed into a wolf with lamb skin.

Asraf became his greatest enemy and his attacks lost the north, the south, the east and the west. Comments that are racist, aggressive attitudes, insults, shrieks... he Came to such a point that for the first time in the history of the programme the presenter had to go up to the house to give them a touch of care. It was a touch mild, too mild, too mild, that is passed through the lining.

While JJ warning them that they could not afford certain attitudes and that he saw many people, all nodded in agreement. That bit lasted the peace... To the hours that JJ left Angel turned to lose the papers. I think, honestly, that if you had not been expelled by the hearing in a few days, Angel would have been forced to leave the house. What an innocent I am!

But the transformation of the comedian and showman, I had no turning back. Its gone to pot since they were not by the house but by himself. Has opened an incomprehensible crusade against Verdeliss by a bit of milk, and because Angel can't stand someone to tell him things so clear and with so much education. The children of Verdeliss have turned in their bullets, and has come to crossing boundaries that never should have been allowed to cross, but were allowed, even laughed at. And then ask, in some part, why, then white and in a bottle.

No, this GH has not been the GH was to be expected. Is to place a bet to modernize formats, but this has not been modernizing and giving them more audience but reventarlos. Accusations of boos canned to attack Miriam and try to improve the image of the traps; traps outright captured by the cameras of the competition that led up to the semi-final when contestant most treacherous of this edition; a presenter (and I understand perfectly) that he looks up to the very bow of so much tension and has not been able to calm the waters but embravecerlas even more, a direction, which from the outside gave the impression to be living in a parallel reality; in short, a GH that was never the GH is real.

I'm going to do the devil's advocate,but I have to say that JJ is the visible face of some decisions that I'm convinced most of the times do not come from him. He is the one who has to endure the shots and let you grow a callus on the back, but it is not the most guilty of this GH. Not is Mercedes Milá and note, but that does not make you the demon against which he must fight. He is the hand executing, the visible face, which is exposed to... What you know, but in this GH its work has had to be making bread and dip.

it Is the end, the die is cast, even if the victory seems more than clear. Ends the reality and the time has come who will appropriate it feels to think. GH gives a lot to the still and, yes, even television, but not this GH, it does not.

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Date Of Update: 28 December 2018, 20:01

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