It is So easy to be a ski jumper

Dispose from the bar, deep squat, tunnel vision: The one we all know from television, if the camera captures the highly concentrated ski-jumper. Now you wait ev

It is So easy to be a ski jumper

Dispose from the bar, deep squat, tunnel vision: The one we all know from television, if the camera captures the highly concentrated ski-jumper. Now you wait even on a bar in Oberstdorf the ski jumping stadium. The Pièce de Résistance: a 20-Meter ski jump, a Mini-plant for beginners. But to stand and experienced the unique feeling of flying – the organizers of the workshop had been promised.

experience report for the ski jumping Workshop. Videos: ICO Oberstdorf (Youtube)

Not everyone is allowed on the hill. The Amateur jumpers must be experienced skiers and confidence, the 30-Meter-long, steep ramp in the shot down and then jump. It seems when you are standing in front of a black Piste – with the difference that no one would have the idea to master in a nosedive. At the end of the waiting for Nothing, a jump in the empty space. You couldn't see the hill, where you will, hopefully, healing to land.

"don't think, just go and jump," is the tip of Lena Embassy, which directs the Workshop, together with their father Peter. The young woman was self ski jumper and reached at the tender age of 15, a distance of 65 metres. Now she is standing next to the bar and gives the signal to start.

There is no brake and no reverse gear

the own fast-paced journey goes. Two seconds that feel too long. The left and right of the Ski there are only 30 centimeters game, to brakes, to little to plow the acceleration. On both sides of wooden railings flank the start-up.

Previously, the bar has been repeated the most important tips of the Coach is still like a mantra: deep squat, on the Ski, keeping the tension, then straighten up to the front of the jump. Now everything is blown away. The railing hisses over the legs, at least, the reflex of a leap motion, and you will be catapulted through the air.

Only 400 athletes in the world operate this Sport seriously.

ski jumping is one of the most popular winter sports in the TV community. And if the four-hills tournament starts in the altjahre week in the Allgäu, crowd of 27,000 spectators, at the schattenberg ski jump. "We operate a the edge sports", Walter Hofer, ski jumping race Director at FIS, said. Worldwide, there are officially only 400 athletes who pursue the Sport seriously. The equipment and the sports facilities are so specialised that hardly a spectator and Fan can relive what it feels like to really fly a ramp down zusausen and on skis through the air.

The dream of flying: the First talent selection Camp in 2007.

"When we started courses for beginners in ski jumping offer said you we're crazy," says Workshop leader Peter Embassy of the used to be the mental coach of ski Jumpers Sven hannawald and Martin Schmitt. Embassy of philosophy of life: people will do you good to leave sometimes the "comfort zone, daring to risk something New". That is exactly what he wants to teach the beginners on the 20-Meter ski jump.

According to the Bounce expected the ski jumper in the total loss of control. There is no brake and no reverse gear. There is only one thing: keep the Body stretched and the fly left. Who creates the, experienced a tiny Moment in which everything feels free and flowing.

At the end of the wide two 16-meters are Best-jumps

The Moment is short, the ground is close. The tail hanging uncontrollably to the bottom, scraping over the snow, while the peaks rise steeply into the air. With the poor rowing of beginners experiencing the Placement. At least not a fall. How far you flew? Is measured at the point where the binding touches the ground. The brought in the first attempt, after all, a Width of 12 meters. Fortunately, there are no grades.

The Video shows a limp flying object just above the snow. Further Tests will follow. You trudge up the icy stairs, on stands, sitting on the bar, waits for the start character, meanwhile, is the heart is chasing as the first Time. It still costs the courage and self-overcoming, shoot head first into the start-up track and trust the laws of gravity. But the moments of flight to be longer.

"Now you are a real ski jumpers are."Peter Trümmers to the students

At the end of two 16-metre jumps are the best-wide, once fall, once stood. The heart beats faster, this time with joy. No new Simon Ammann , and certainly no Ryoyu Kobayashi is born. But we now know from their own experience, like ski jumping feels like, and Peter Embassy of praise: "Now you are a real ski jumpers are."

The trip was supported by Oberstdorf tourism. Ski jumping-Seminar: 160 € per Person, incl. Programme,;

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