Process start in Frankfurt: Who shot Walter Lübcke?

It was a strange event, to be invited to the Frank Hannig at the beginning of January to journalists in a Hotel in Kassel. The defenders of the right-wing extre

Process start in Frankfurt: Who shot Walter Lübcke?

It was a strange event, to be invited to the Frank Hannig at the beginning of January to journalists in a Hotel in Kassel. The defenders of the right-wing extremists, Stephan E., the office of the Federal Prosecutor accused of the murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke, stood before the press and announced, of course, a new plea of his client, which had to do with the original confession E. s to the investigating judge of the Federal court of justice, nothing more. It is not to be been E. Lübcke, I shot, voice Hannig in the cameras. But the co-defendant, Markus H., and only accidentally. The original Plan had been to miss the CDU politician just "take a beating". But as it had then come on the terrace of Lübckes house in wolf Hagen-Istha to a dispute that was resolved in a shot. This story presented Hannig to the Public, as if it were the most Normal thing in the world, that lawyers before the trial or even before indictment in detail, and the details of the accused to the you have made allegations of signs.

Anna-Sophia Lang

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

And that was not the only break with what is usual and for good reasons, from all sides is maintained. Hannig announced, to want to about the process on a regular basis via Facebook reports. Because He did not want to leave the "interpretation" of individual media. Really this is not surprising. The Dresden lawyer has contacts to Pegida, led by the founding Assembly of the Association, and said in 2017, an acclaimed guest speaker at a meeting about the acquittal, he as a defender of the three men had reached the had tied up in Saxony, a mentally ill refugee to a tree. Hannig says that his clients belonged to the entire political spectrum, and he is not a lawyer the right scene. His role was that of the rule of law for each defendant's designated defender, and the don't do the views the client as his own.

A positive external effect in the sense

So similar to Stephan E. s argued, the second defender, the first since February, The Cologne lawyer Mustafa Kaplan has represented in the NSU-process the relatives of the Victims and was threatened 2018 itself from neo-Nazis. He was also of the Turkish President Erdogan in a dispute with the presenter and satirist Jan böhmermann. Kaplan justified the mandate by saying that the case was "highly exciting". Compared to the "mirror" he said that had it wanted as a second defender, and it may be a positive external effect in the sense had.

the strategy Hannig and Kaplan want to work together to defend the right-wing extremists, E., so it will be some voltage. Also because the burden of proof appears to be overwhelming. The office of the attorney General see E. among other things, by a trace of DNA on Slain transferred, and the Federal court of justice stated in a decision on the detention to continue in January that, according to current circumstantial situation existed no doubt as to E.'s debt. "A plausible explanation for the altered appearance (...) is not", - stated in it.

No secret of the political spectrum

Accordingly, conflict in the relationship between e. s lawyers and the defenders might be fond of aid for murder defendant Markus H., the E. in his new appearance, suddenly, of the fact, has not accused while he was in his first confession at all. H.'s lawyer, Nicole Schneiders is certainly the case not just as a Person. In the NSU trial, she defended Ralf Wohlleben, the anxious Trio, the murder weapon and convicted of accessory to murder in nine cases, ten years. It belongs to itself the right scene, once built, together with the NPD to life in Jena and, later, the baden-württemberg protection of the Constitution watched them. And also your Co-defender Björn Clemens from Düsseldorf makes no secret of where he stands in the political spectrum. Compared to journalists Schneiders represented the last of the Thesis, against Markus H. there is no evidence, there could be, therefore, only an acquittal.

The protection of the state Senate, under the chairmanship of Thomas Sagebiel the looks apparently different. Anyway, he has admitted to the charge of one-to-one. The experienced judge will be aware of what type of procedure is in store for you and that you may have to do with a number of bias applications and other tweaks to. Stephan, E., first mention. Just maybe he is in the course of the process. It is involved in the next few weeks, alone, to the other proceedings, the murder of Walter Lübcke educate.

Date Of Update: 16 June 2020, 04:19

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