The excessive and abusive lynching of GH VIP to Miriam Saavedra

GH VIP 6: Tony Spina is saved from expulsion The notice of GH VIP to his audience: "That says again the word tongo..." how Tongo in the GH VIP? The au

The excessive and abusive lynching of GH VIP to Miriam Saavedra

GH VIP 6: Tony Spina is saved from expulsion

The notice of GH VIP to his audience: "That says again the word tongo..."

how Tongo in the GH VIP? The audience can no longer bear

The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP

The blatant cheating that GH VIP can't hide

"For a dog that maté, mataperros they called me". This is the summary of what happened in the GH VIP: Limit 48 hours of last night. The program was waiting for as water may Miriam Saavedra shove the leg, and Miriam the got, the got to the bottom, up to the hock.

you can't deny the obvious, to the peruvian he warmed the mouth in the last party and dropped the "missile", as he called Jorge Javier Vazquez, against Makoke. A missile that last night became the excuse for subjecting Miriam to a lynching in every rule.

No, I wasn't surprised by anything. The program takes weeks to trying to leave the image of Miriam on the ground, and has not stopped until this is achieved. Not to show the videos in which their colleagues for the attack without compassion, suspects boos in the studio, to burn the biggest mistake that you could commit this girl in the house: to reveal that her ex, Carlos Lozano -also an ex of Monica Hoyos - had an affair with Makoke when it was already with Kiko Matamoros, and when the third party in discord was having an affair with Monica. Is that neither the writers of Falcon Crest.

Yes, by the mouth the fish dies, and Miriam Saavedra has been caught. He did evil, fatal, he lost his papers, not measured, was wrong. But really with everything that has been seen in this edition and so have not wanted to teach it is justifiable that, for this pump, be submitted to Miriam to what you underwent last night? NO. And I say that with capital letters and in a loud voice even if you cannot hear, because what was seen, what was heard, what was done shows the cross GH VIP has with Miriam and that the hearing has denounced for many weeks.

note, it is felt that GH VIP you do not like Miriam as a winner; note, it is felt that a GH VIP crack the support that the peruvian is out; this is noted, it is felt that GH VIP needs a shake-up that will return the excitement to a reality that was already sentenced with a winning more than clear; this is noted, it is felt that GH VIP was waiting for the opportunity to justify the attack without compassion against her. And so it was, neither more nor less.

Sat down to everyone in the room and as it could not be otherwise after the pump roll Makoke-Lozano, JJ became the master of ceremonies to bring out the theme, remove it and point to a very clear objective: to Miriam. Yes, what he said Miriam is fat, removes the foundation of Makoke and his family, Monica and her obsession with Carlos Lozano and, of course, of Telecinco, who has already given a new soap opera for the next few weeks. If at the end has made them all a favor. To see how many sets is done Makoke when you leave at the expense of the blunder of Miriam.

"What evidence do you have that that happened?", will asked JJ to Colombo. Miriam did not answer, was limited to say again and again that what I knew, that not lied, that was his truth... he apologized yes, but it enfangó in a puddle of which I could not leave because they were about to leave to go out.

he Began to mix churras with merino, that if she has told you worse things, and if she has gone worse in the house, that if someone passes by what has happened to her, that if she provoked, that if, if... Excuses that sounded to 'God how I get out of this'.

"I asked you a question, but I apologize whole-heartedly if it is affecting third persons (...) I have No evidence that I support it, but what I know, and they seek the worst time to chincharte. I was happy and them...", was trying to explain Miriam, while from the set were heard time and time again, like a broken record, booing in the background, jeers, close up, booing here, booing there against the peruvian. Jeers that up to the inhabitants of the house will not be believed, because something didn't sound right, because something sounded canned.

do you Boos manipulated?

"I don't I'm going to come under for a few boos that come from the cameras, they are a minority... I'm not going to concentrate on them, I am confident in the people who see the 24 hours", released Miriam completely trapped and swamped. "Is that they appear robotic", released Asraf referring to the boos. And so robotic sounding again of the hearing, to which the program has already up to the very bow, he pulled to a walk, a Youtube file with boos canned that sounded like that couldn't stop heard in the program against Miriam.

Imagine that is bundled in the social networks that until JJ had to stop the show to give an explanation. In the hand of each one is believe it or not, but once you listen to one and the other is quite difficult to break a lance in its favour. "The public is on the set applauds and abuchea when you get the real win (...) The latest conspiracy theory says that there are boos canned, they are fully recorded. As if one could lead to these beasts!". Well I don't know if someone can be with the wild beasts, but here is something rare, rare, rare, no doubt.

The case that amongst the boos, the pressure of JJ from the set, the tearjerker that rode Monica, Makoke that was coming up every time JJ opened my mouth... Miriam did not know where to get. "I apologize," insisted time and time again holding on to the argument that she was going to chincharla, that was amusing... "I Cannot keep quiet. Don't go there. Do not make reference to the party because pretty generous and fairly unobtrusive is being Makoke with you." How? Generous? What discretion? Here discretion can not boast none.

Is what I was missing by listening. Or is that Miriam could not be justified in the melody of the 15 I was wearing, but others can rely on what they leave the bolus to cover all the deplorable exabruptos that have been released against Miriam. To see that me get this straight: Miriam, no, the rest yes. Is that alucino pickles, I swear.

Well, nothing, Miriam could not speak of what you have done to her in the house, or of what "happy" was, or what the chinchan, or anything. Miriam could only ask forgiveness and if my hurry up shut up and endure the blast. For what she endured, and I am convinced that he did it because deep down I knew that he had goofed, he had been a bocachancla, who had gotten into a garden that was going to cost a lot to get out, and that will probably cost 100,000 euro prize. Hey GH you have already achieved what you both andábais looking for!

GH VIP gave wings to those who do not need them. Makoke subidita, subidita saying that what he had done Miriam was a mortal sin because "I have a family, Monica has family...". I often drama! As if his life had gone to a tv studio to tell his life and they were removed intimacies of this kind. Then there was neither family, nor third persons, now, yes. ¡Anda ya!

The error of Miriam

"a clean slate", replied Miriam in an attempt to end with the torture. Poor innocent, as that the were going to leave. "No, No, a clean slate and not. Where does it come from? Do you have the certainty that they were together?, asked JJ. And Miriam quietly, holding on, biting his tongue, supporting the load, the cross... "oh, I Demand that someone explain it to you! Is that I can not believe it. I am hallucinating", he jumped Monica with the face of Lady of the Camellias. "I apologize to the two. I apologize". Miriam had entered in a loop.

Because what really happened is that Miriam did not want to break out the cake, but it was too late. JJ was not going to let you off scot-free, the program was not going to let that come out unscathed from his mistake. "Carlos knows this, Jorge", and the missile changed course straight to it. Because it turns out that Carlos Lozano had been the sabbath in the Deluxe denying Miriam and the revelation of the affair with Makoke. JJ knew that Miriam was going to say that the one who told him, who told him he had been lying Makoke had been the ghost of Carlos Lozano. And prodded up that Miriam bled.

"what Are you saying, Miriam, that Carlos was who you told?". Confesses damn, he confesses. Just missed someone that was on your side the zarandeara, put a focus on your face and the loading of sticks into the nails to confess to. "Yes. I got tired, I got bored, so he told me this lord and his word. Ball point", and as ball point. "And how you told Carlos? Come the mule to the wheat. "Charles always told me their stories".

I childbirth, getting tangled up with Makoke is for Carlos (if what it says Miriam is true) a story of youth, a notch in his revolver. Send eggs, as I would say Trillo. "I don't know if there are apologies or not, or what it is that happened." But what apologize want this man if Miriam has not stopped asking for forgiveness, that is flagele, to kneel down. In this program we see what we want.

And Miriam was destroyed. See to it that you have gone through things within this house, that they have been insulted, that have been vilified, who have humiliated, but I've never seen it as low as I saw it last night.

Miriam knows that got screwed up, knows it was wrong and I think is more than aware that your error will get very expensive, but Miriam did something that none of the of this house have done: Miriam apologized ad nauseum and asked who had done damage. To see if the rest can say the same thing. Oh no! The rest has the right of pernada, and all that gives them the win because as neither is going to show the videos where they insult seriously, Miriam and nobody's going to submit to a third degree as to which he was subjected to Miriam last night. Is what you have, as it allowed...

I'm going to do the devil's advocate. I understand that in a reality show like GH have a favorite, so favorite, almost from the beginning of the program is a drag. A ballast for the program and a ballast for the rest of the contestants who have to live knowing that the audience supports one of them what you do and how much they try, nothing is going to change what's there. I also understand that to protect his own, to Makoke, to Suso, to Monica... I Understand that biting back against an audience that they are reaching each and every one of their cagadas (and are not few), but everything has a limit, and last night, again (since I don't know how many are going) is crossed.

I Insist that Miriam was wrong to no end, but, as said Verdeliss, it turns out that he puts his leg up to the bottom once and the judges, condemns and lynch without compassion, what about the rest? How to which you have insinuated that Miriam prostitution in Peru (it is said that Monica Holes)? When that has been called "schizophrenic", "mamarracha", "slut"? Does the one who has said anything but nice? How to the that set him apart of the group from minute one? To those nothing, not even show the videos is not going to be the audience to continue to support Miriam. Come on already!

Because I'm still waiting for the video in which Monica suggests that prostitution in Peru, and many others. "Shut the fuck up, clown. Do you want me to tell you what you do in Peru? What do you do in Peru? Tell me who talks more. Tell me about your personal journey...". A word to the wise few words suffice. That's not (thanks to 24 hours), but Miriam says that Makoke and Carlos had a bit of a mess when Carlos was with Monica Hoyos is the most serious thing in the world. By God, the measuring rod where the have.

I very much Doubt that Miriam won this reality, and not by the campaign that GH VIP is doing but because the battle between those who support and those who support the other is going to be more than adjusted. But let's play all with the same rules, please.

GH should be impartial, it should show all of all, you should judge all equally and leave in the hands of the audience who is better or who is worse. However, what we did last night again demonstrates that this is not the GH that we all knew. The rules have changed and they are paying, the righteous for the sinners.

Miriam possibly be loaded in the party, and with his reaction last night your contest and, therefore, did not need to submit to the outrageous lynching to which it was subjected. Make firewood from the fallen tree with some and not with others says a lot about this GH VIP, and since then there is nothing to be proud of.

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Date Of Update: 20 November 2018, 08:01

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