The Clinical check again the worker who suffers a disability of 65%

The auxiliary nurse has been fired for not passing the testing period in the service of Digestive the direction of The hospital has ignored the doctor's re

The Clinical check again the worker who suffers a disability of 65%

The auxiliary nurse has been fired for not passing the testing period in the service of Digestive

the direction of The hospital has ignored the doctor's report regarding their limitations, to asked to adapt your plaza

A Sanitation worker: "I have been fired for being disabled"

Far from resolving the problem that involves the disability of Juan Vicente Moreno, the Clinical Hospital has become to generate it. The center sent him away in 2016, after arguing that he had not passed the trial period, -at that time suffered from a disability of 59%-. When checking injustice, this journal published his drama and Health returned to contract with the commitment to adapt your place to your physical limitations and intellectual. However, two years have passed and the auxiliary has grown to be thrown with the same argument.

In the two dismissals John Vincent was hired as a nursing assistant -in the first case in the room, Pediatric Oncology, and now in the service of Digestive center of Blasco Ibáñez-, and in both the worker had a report that warned that he was limited in working if you used an area hospital. A few reports that have been bypassed by the direction hospital, and John Vincent was destined for areas that are too dynamic for their functional diversity.

In the last report, of October 25, 2018, made it clear that it was an "technical assistant in nursing care suitable with limitations" and that to be assigned to Digestive should take into account that it was "sensitive by recognized disability" and advised to "avoid work night shift". In addition to clarified: "you Cannot perform tasks that involve high visual demands and intellectuals. Requires initial surveillance in the realization and assimilation of internal working procedures".

The particular tragedy of John Vincent is based not only on the Clinical Hospital has fired, but that suffers from hypothyroidism that affect your endocrine system metabolic and limited their intellectual capacities with a disability -motor skills - physical, mental, and sensory. In fact, if two years ago the valuation of his handicap came in at 59%, now reaches 65%. The drawback is that until you reach the 75% could not receive a financial benefit.

When not to adapt your job, Juan Vicente began with the task but, before long, was dismissed with the argument of the address that it was not appropriate for your disability to fill a position.

The responsible of the service where he was assigned, in principle, also warned of the difficulty of his position because it could involve complexity for the worker with limitations. They wrote a letter detailing that John Vincent could not adapt to their place "for the great handicap that presents, suffering a worsening of visual acuity, being even unable to read the temperatures". Together these considerations matizaban that he had not committed any error due to that has been under continuous monitoring "is not pudiéndonos held responsible for the failures that may derive from her performance as you do not have a person for your continuous supervision".

The missive was assured that person "with a good attitude, a hard worker, eager to learn and personable with your colleagues and patients." Although nothing has helped. Despite the medical part that warned that it was not advisable to incorporate the worker to a room of hospitalization, and of notice of the clinical team who confirmed the limitations of the operator, the direction of the Clinical went to the disabled without giving an option to incorporate it into another vacant position. The argument of the manager of the hospital of the avenida Blasco Ibáñez was very strong in the two processes of dismissal : "it has Not passed the period of test [...] demonstrating a lack of professional training".

The auxiliary fired explained again to THE WORLD that his disability has caused "problems in the world of work" and that have already become a constant in her life because she has been "a victim of harassment in the workplace by some of the companions of hospitals and public health" that has already led to, on one occasion, "that he resign the contract with which I earned my living because I was considered a burden".

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 20 November 2018, 20:01

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