Tote King: "My biggest disappointment has been Spain"

Only the empire of reggaeton has private a few days ago the rapper seville for the Latin Grammy. All the same: with Lebron, his latest album, the man who is in

Tote King:

Only the empire of reggaeton has private a few days ago the rapper seville for the Latin Grammy. All the same: with Lebron, his latest album, the man who is in the arms of the Prado Museum, the daddy, the boss, the gift, which will not star but estarter, still shooting threes in the park outside the postureo of the galas and the showtime. And digs in.

What is your first memory?A green couch with drawings of elephants, small in white. What is the image used as a background of the mobile screen?A photo of Witold Gombrowicz with his wife where they come out very vacilones. What superpower would you have?Who has Wolverine, without a doubt. What trait irritates you more?The obsession. What trait sets you off more than other people?The disorder and squalor. What is your greatest fear?To die, but slowly. If I piro fast I wouldn't care less. What is the most embarrassing moment that has ever lived? Having to give myself a class to my colleagues as a teacher for 40 minutes in 4 of an English, during the class of Teaching Methodology. I burned the whole body. I had to lose a year of life there, fixed. What do you like least about your appearance?My face rat. What is the most expensive thing he has bought, other than your home?A microphone very cucumber. What is your usual less confesable?Stalkear by networks to certain people disgusting that I hate, just for the mere pleasure of feeling jolts of shame outside to read the charades that spring. What is your favourite smell?Bulgari, Man In Black. When was the last time you cried?Just over a year ago. I cried for 10 in a row. What book changed his life?The diary of Witold Gombrowicz, or Away from Veracruz, from Vila-Matas. What is the worst thing that you have said?"You're crazy." But of truth, not as they say a joke or not caring. With real distress of the other person. What is your most valuable asset?My library. What is the first wish of your list?Wake me up. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?The tripe of the pig. What you owe to your parents?All. What has been your biggest disappointment?Spain. Who would you like to ask for forgiveness and why?A lot of people, but I think I've already done. What wakes you up at night?Nothing. I sleep chemically from 10 years ago. That is, you really don't sleep. Now tell me you that you have problems... How do you live love?With a sense of humor and a complicity that make you think that it was at least something I had to play the lottery. Who to invite to the dinner of your dreams?What dinner is that? I do not sleep nothing, I told you before. What word or catchphrase you use most frequently?"Killo".What is the worst job that you have done?I worked in Chicago for three months in a burger. Never again, I said to myself. And up to today. What would help you improve your level of life?Do not ruminate so many ideas in the loop. What is the moment has been closer to death?When I fell from the top of a tree he had climbed as a child. I broke my elbow and put me nails. I don't know how I broke only that... How do you usually relax?Reading. How often do you practice sex?Quite a few times. What song would you like it to sound like at his funeral?You were wrong, that was for another. What is the biggest lesson it has taught him life?This is a ride and can't miss a fucking second with anyone or anything. Where would you like to be in this moment?Right where I am: on the couch of my house.

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Date Of Update: 21 November 2018, 08:00

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