The notice of GH VIP to his audience: "that says again the word tongo..."

how Tongo in the GH VIP? The audience can no longer bear The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP The blatant cheating that GH VIP can't hide

The notice of GH VIP to his audience:

how Tongo in the GH VIP? The audience can no longer bear

The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP

The blatant cheating that GH VIP can't hide

Angel Garó, outside of itself in the GH VIP: "I Go to Peru, mamarracha!"

With the "T", "trap made in sports competitions, in which one of the contestants is left to win for reasons beyond the game". TONGO. No, this is not Pasapalabra, or we talk about the rosco, this is the word that GH VIP 6 he has made pupita and GH VIP has decided to not re-appoint.

the anger of the audience last Tuesday in the GH VIP: Limit to 48 hours with a when you least suspects percentages and the allegations of tongo to the public does not have sat well with the reality show, which has decided to tackle accusations of match fixing with a clear warning (or threat, depending how you look): "that says again the word Tongo we give the B block". And said and done, the threat is met.

To see that I clarify, that occurs to us to relate GH VIP with the word that starts with T (not I say more that I'm afraid) will we be blocked by the highest levels of reality, by reality, by collaborating, by Jorge Javier or by whom? Is that I was not very clear about the notice to mariners that the program has made in the mouth of your presenter. Oh, the humility!

There are that have them like the horse of Espartero to respond to the anger and the indignation of the public with so much pride. Could do nothing wrong to learn from others, and if not that take a look at the Twitter of the producer of OT, Tinet Rubira, and learn how to extinguish the fires. From then throwing warnings of three to the fourth is not the best way to make it disappear the shadow of doubt that hangs over GH VIP.

so began last night's gala. It was clear that the program was not going to shut up after that mess after the show Tuesday, and the incredible ups and downs in the percentages of the nominees. In fact, there were many who hoped for some explanation. And explanation yes there was, but accompanied with a warning that, frankly, could have been saved. It more wood, more wood!

"To all those who have said that there's something weird in the voting and the percentages... they are right. I have at home a little and give the T of tongo -oops that what I said!- and I modify the results. The percentages, of the euromillions, that's why I'm a millionaire (...) The voting system is a notary and is having trouble just go to Plaza de Castilla and there they take the complaints, that there are so many that should put a post just for that. At the moment everything is fine, so there should be nothing," spoke JJ and I swear that I acojoné.

The CNMC investigates complaints against GH VIP

Well not the you I all with me that all is well and there should be nothing when this Thursday afternoon the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) announced through his Twitter account that due to the significant volume of claims filed against GH VIP for the hearing have been obliged to check whether it is appropriate to impose a sanction on Mediaset: "according to the article 57.1 of the LGCA, which criminalizes the broadcast of content fomenten hatred, contempt or discrimination...". There I leave it.

And yes, this has nothing to do with the accusations of the word that begins with T, but shows that yes there is something going on that is good has little and that the same so there is that to worry about is this and not respond with arrogance to the audience.

Because for GH VIP which says its audience, which sees its public, who criticizes his audience, he asks his audience are the exaggerations of four cats that don't deserve more than jokes, cachondeos and, if appropriate, a little bit of naughty pleasure. I don't think any, anyone talk about the word forbidden that block us! I know, sounds like a joke and seems to be a joke, but unfortunately this is has come.

More than a month and a half leads to the issuance of this edition, with three programmes a week, with late hours, with the channel 24 hours, and has not been week (not day) that has not been embroiled in a controversy.

And I'm not talking about polemics typical of these realities, I speak of controversy, concern, and controversy that have come to institutions such as the Institute of the Woman, the CNMC, SOS Racism, or Confederation Mental Health Spain, polemics that have the audience encendidísima, controversies that have forced the program to take home with you at the very presenter to try to calm the situation, arguments that the reality seems not to worry them very much always and when do not carry the word that starts with a T, because if you are carrying the word that starts with a T... burning Troy.

Indeed, the who considers that they have been cheated or has cheated in the voting, is free to report it, so free as to speak, as free as is the program to lock and so free to turn off the tv, but that little bit, because last night GH VIPvolvió to bursting audímetros with a 31% share, nearly 3.3 million viewers. Much humility needed as a consistency the others.

In the consciousness of each is the burden of their actions. The warning of GH VIP sounds like a tantrum of a small child, 'now I get angry and do not breathe', 'not attached', poop, ass, fart, pee,... you already have two things that make cabrearse and descabrearse. Well, that, that GH VIP is angry and will not accept that no one put in doubt their good practices, which, apparently, must be many and your good to do that, apparently, is also. Oh God my witness that I will never speak of tongo! I don't believe it or me.

And that is if something is failing in this edition of GH VIP (among other many things) is that they are late and wrong on all fronts are open. It's like how do the program decided to spoil you to JJ the night of Halloween making it up to Guadalix to put points on the hei to the participants after the Institute of the Woman and SOS Racism confirmed they were investigating the serious insults and racist remarks that were happening in the house.

does Not pass nasa because it came to bull past, and after weeks and weeks of complaints from the audience that, literally, is passed through the lining. What is important is that rectified (forced by circumstances) his attitude and tried to wash out an image more damaged. ¡Chapeau! But only for a short while because the minimum of change the situation was to be before their redemption.

insults (and I'm not even going to point out from whom and to whom), the outrageous comments, the shameful attitudes followed not only at home but also in the sets. And the program returned to deaf ears, he was returning to consent to, allow, and defend the indefensible. The "it's a sow", the "rabble", the "go to your country", "it's almost a schizophrenic", the "do you know what that was dedicated in your country?" filled with new reality, and we opted for the no answer.

JJ put on your site to Ángel Garó

Until last night, until JJ will touch noses and then, yes, then put in your site to anyone who should have been on for days, then yes we got the chicken and we tell you four things as four temples, then yes that what it says is wrong and fix it. It happened with the expelled (finally there was sorpasso) last night, Angel Garó, the man who does not accept that we joke nobody, until you chista JJ, and then there is no forgiveness nor permissiveness.

Video of the new confrontation between Asraf and Garó at the expense of the bread, the oil, and the "singing to Morocco", the desquicie of the comic and of the "hell" that I was living. Small the that lio Angel for the bread of Asraf. The who says that this man was in his right mind crashes against a wall. Well, the video is not like anything in the comic with more than 30 years of experience who returned to point out the manipulation that makes the program and how they put what they are interested in. The program does not touch him, Angel, you block.

"Angel from here please I strongly suggest that you do not ever use expressions such as 'go to sing to Morocco', 'go to Peru', or send people to their country of origin, please", and the angels began to sing hallelujah in heaven. How many days has cost JJ said these words? How long has it taken the program to put on your site, and show this man your outrageous expressions?

And then lio parda pardísima. And as Angel will not chista anyone, nor program, nor a presenter, nor the angels of heaven, was not going to let JJ give classes in "education" or was going to let you off scot-free after putting the points on the ies. "Demagoguery, I'm not going to allow", it released the comic indignadísimo with the words of JJ.

"Angel, there are times that the contestants I say silence, because the silence there are times that I favor, in this case equal", but Angel was not in reason. "Do you believe that they tell me, 'go to sing to Spain' and I'm going to feel offended?". Here not consoles is because they don't want to. "Is not the same, Angel. It's like when you say I'm not homophobic because I have many gay friends... you Have the intelligence necessary to not to use this type of arguments. And I tell you this because a lot of people may feel offended. I don't understand the need to send anyone to any site", JJ pick and shovel, a pick and a shovel, a pick and shovel.

"Hey, I didn't come here to read to me the riot act, or to do demagogy. I have come to work. I have not come to that no one will give me education classes", and ball point. "Well then I better need it, because if we are cool I tell you. Man, don't touch the noses. This program I said that he is seeing a lot of people and if I say this is that there are a lot of people are feeling offended with this type of comments, and we're not going to tolerate under any circumstances, do you understand? And that's it. It's probably not racist, but classist, which is just as bad", and the cherubim sounded the trumpets, and the rays of the sun lit up the sky, and it worked miracles.

finally, once and for all, Angel said what all the world wanted to be told a long time ago, . Yes, their comments hurt, they are racist, they are xenophobic, and the program would not have expected that to JJ inflamara to tell you once and for all. What he did last night JJ had to do a lot before the Super. How much it would have cost to put him in the conference, and explain that their words, their 'go to...', etc were offending so many people? Why days after, and live with a good anger?

Angel Garó ended up being kicked out of the night in a very accurate voting (it is not said the word prohibited); and then Angel dedicated to him (forced by JJ) a few precious words to Asraf; and then Angel was super happy (so happy about that as they said his name he missed walking through the door to leave); and then Angel arrived at the film set; and then the Angel was contained; and then Angel thought that it was all a assembly, and that that had been done was for one litre of milk Verdeliss.

Isa Pantoja returns to the house

Angel is already out, and here come about and enter others. Last night came back to the house Isa Pantoja, yes as you're reading. Was your meet and the program decided that it should hold in the house, and thus opened a new chapter in the soap opera Isa, Asraf, Omar and the kiss. Follow nurturing of content and the time of recover the love of Isa.

Oops soap opera that was experienced last night! Omar, apparently, once again, with the daughter of isabel Pantoja, tears because his girl went into the house and was going to meet with the man who may or may not have an 'affair' (or you believe her or you believe him). Omar got up, went to the set as a soul in pain, JJ went to look, he was, we sat down and we already had the drama mounted. How many Save me we expect?

"it's Not going to be with Isa, that I assure you I, you already know who is going to be with Isa. In hell send Satan, in heaven sends Jesus and in the heart of Isa I control it". It takes already! They tell me that and I derrito. This guy is a poet and JJ surrendered to its charms. And Isa in the house spending the night with 'the other', or not, or yes, or whatever is needed; and Omar, on the side of Ceiling, he had his own affair in the house. This is a hassle. If the script sand riza more, would cease to exist straight lines.

By the way, last night for the first time Miriam Saavedra it came, not nominated. Tony, Makoke and The Koala are the play this week after Asraf (the head of the house this week) to take Monica and go to Tony. Something is changing... or not?, or yes? But no one says TONGO.

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