The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP: "we Cannot accept what is going on here"

didn't make 24 hours that Jorge Javier Vázquez got to ride the whip against the audience of GH VIP qualifying complaints from the public of "thin skin" when

The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP:

didn't make 24 hours that Jorge Javier Vázquez got to ride the whip against the audience of GH VIP qualifying complaints from the public of "thin skin" when in Save me was advertised as a historical fact in the program: JJ will enter into the house of GH to read the riot act to the contestants after weeks of complaints, criticisms and complaints on the part of the audience.

The last event inside the house with an Angel Garó, enraged, insulting all over the place and losing the papers, and the background of previous weeks with the machismo of Suso, the harassment of Miriam, the chaos absolute, etc, had filled too much of a backpack, which already came very loaded.

The program has been making to deaf ears of your audience. They have been given as the rebellion of many of his followers in social networks, has given them just like they denounce apology for the violation, has been given to them as to the Women's Institute to take action in the face of machismo outrageous of Suso, has given them the same all. The program is welcomed to the law of the stronger, by my holy noses and came to a point that it was the 'this is so, because' yes'.

On the agenda for the Tuesday, GH VIP: Limit 48 hours, everything is scattered. Are scattered the presenter to the attack to the audience, spread the co-workers to defend the indefensible, are scattered JJ to consider "great" a fight within the house in which reach almost to the hands, splattered the inhabitants, out of control for a long time... And the program could no longer continue to sustain the shame.

there were No sanctions, no disciplinary removals, but they decided to send JJ to the house to put the points on the ies to a few contestants who have been allowed to cross the boundary of what is permissible.

A gesture when less contradictory taking into account that 24 hours before the opinion of the presenter and collaborators was that the audience had "thin skin" to criticize what was happening in the house and that they were exaggerated. Now, when we come into scene bodies such as the Institute of the Woman, or SOS Racism, the thing changes.

And change so much that JJ would have preferred to be celebrating Halloween, had to climb to Guadalix to give them a touch of care. A reprimand that save the program and that, of course, is to be applauded because it assumes that GH has seen, at last, obliged to give his arm to twist and not allow the desquicie that there is in this edition, but a touch of attention that arrives late, to bull past and, of course, bound by the circumstances.

she had Never before taken a decision of this caliber, and if it has been taken now is not because JJ think that this can't go well or because the program considers that there are crossing some boundaries that should not be crossed ever, comes because they have seen the ears of the wolf and when you see the ears, you have only two options, or run or deal with it.

JJ met all the contestants in the kitchen, I looked at the face and he released a speech well-learned:

"I Come to tell you two things: a very good, the program is seeing a lot of people. When I say a lot of people, is that a lot of people; but that what you are seeing so people have a part I gives a very important responsibility.

why this visit? You have to be clear that when a program has so much success in anything that happens here, everything has a lot of impact. Any gesture, word, attitude... it multiplies. And that can lead to produce an effect of imitation and approval, and that can't be. We can't accept any of the things that are happening here (...)

In a TV program the things are recorded and registered, you have to be clear what kind of contest you want to do because you are going to be in the memory of the people for the things that you do here." Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant.

What he could say higher but not clearer. Yes, perhaps, could have given details, you have gotten more of the finger on the sore spot, have said the shame in which are becoming the program, but the speech was what it was, to send a message of warning.

And I say, wouldn't it have been much easier to have stopped this long before? It seems that not, sounds like a script of a soap opera. They believed that they could deal with the hearing and with a good part of the society and put the leg up to the hock. Now, it is difficult that someone from outside is created the words of JJ, especially when they themselves have been shown not to agree with the opinion of the public nor with the criticisms received.

that Is what my mother would call a face wash in the entire rule. There are that recognize the effort, of course, but it is not an effort of truth, but forced by the pressure of the audience and of the different organizations that have fact that once and for all GH VIP take action on the matter.

The face-to-face JJ with the contestants was correct. He told them truths as temples, showed them in what they can get to make your way through the program, they released a notice that now apply or not, but there was truth in their words because neither he himself believed what he is saying.

Or is that Tuesday's hearing is an exaggerated, and Wednesday, we give you the reason. Well look, does not believe anyone. The good thing is that the inhabitants of the house have no idea of all this and probably the words of JJ they have served to begin to straighten out, or not. Only had to see the face of Garó when it came to JJ to the house and when I was speaking, was the face of 'what the fuck comes this here' and 'to me for what I loose this talk'.

Attitudes like that have been seen in this edition of GH have always been fixed and have been cut with disciplinary sanctions. From the warnings of the super, going by talks with the team of psychologists and, of course, with expulsions direct. But this year GH VIP has decided to change the rules and believed all would allow.

Not only have not punished anybody, but that things have been solved by visits from family members that they were advised of what was going on, or with warnings to covert the presenter. The result: the thing has gone to more, and more, and more until it could no longer sustain.

I Applaud the visit of JJ, I applaud your words, I applaud their notices, and I applaud the lowering of pants in the program before what is approaching him if you do not put remedy. But, I insist, is not real, or they themselves believe it. Do you think that Mercedes Milá would have come to this? Do you believe that in another GH would have allowed everything that is allowed in this one? I da like to be VIP, celebrity, celebrities, or the Sursum Corda, GH has an essence of its own that is which gives your audience, and this is what we have wanted to load.

Recognize the mistakes, learn to compromise and to do penance is phenomenal, but the sins are redeemed when the confession is truth, and the GH VIP sounds like the account of Peter and the wolf.

I Hope the visit of JJ serve something, hopefully in the house will have noticed that his behavior is exceeding the permissible limits, hopefully this is a new beginning, because otherwise would be his sentence. The time has come to atone for the sins and start from scratch.

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Date Of Update: 13 November 2018, 08:01

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