Boca and River will extend the end eternal

The draw leaves everything open for the return at the Monumental, in 2 weeks What a torture. Other two weeks as well, with the tension masked, not even being

Boca and River will extend the end eternal

The draw leaves everything open for the return at the Monumental, in 2 weeks

What a torture. Other two weeks as well, with the tension masked, not even being able to boast about or bailed yet. Damn tie. Buenos Aires is divided and at once united because of the uncertainty remains democratic and lengthens until an expiration date that is already unavoidable. Saturday 24 November 2018 will be played the match of all time, liza a victory that will be as valuable as the life. Eternity for those who win, shame in the bowels for those who lose. This is the argentine football, and is the superclásico, hyperbolic and irrational, beautiful, why, first of all, unparalleled. Damn tie, yes. And blessed also. [Narration and statistics]

Nothing solved The Bombonera in the encounter more emotionally crucial that ever hosted the stadium in the neighborhood of The Mouth. Everything remains as it began, or even charge River the advantage of scoring two goals in the field opposite, therefore the rule of the double value of so many to address does not apply to this final. It was a 2-2 romo in football, but pure passion. Each goal was like a stab, as if it were the last. With the Mouth, The candy box was shaking and his stand vertical seemed to expire to find the embrace with Ábila first, with Benedetto after. For the comfort of Izquierdoz, who gave her the second River, and to cheer Tevez for his faith.

But, above all, to lift on the shoulders Agustín Rossi, the goalkeeper who are so criticized, holder now by the injury of Andrada. Was capital the goalkeeper to that River could not bear the reproach of leaving the final track in the temple of Mouth. Passed it on to Piti Martinez, also denied deleted it. Up seemed blow to the head butt from Martinez Quadra is moved out of its domains.

Sent River in the field, taking advantage of the surprise effect that Gallardo planned to vary to a five-man defense. He was drowning Mouth, even more when we see to swear to Peacock bass, maybe their best man, injured to 27 minutes. This can't be happening, whispered the fans 'xeneizes'.

But this was not a normal party and then showed Ábila, which was met with Armani in the first you had a Mouth but he picked up the reject for now yes, put the goal for the space that is most unexpected. And before almost they could even celebrate it, River was left alone to Pratto to Rossi after the kick and tied the 'Bear' party.

What madness, what a wonderful madness it was living. No one understood anything, not needed. A party is not measured with statistics, but with the electrocardiograph. So it was until the device exploded when the discount of the first part Benedetto won the second-of-Mouth, proving that you do not need to look at goal to mark of head. That back also worth.

The redemption of Armani

it Had been the first part of frenetic, impossible to repeat. Mouth, paradoxically, we came well to the injury of Pratto, because with Benedetto and Ábila now as a couple attacker filled with doubts to the River, the same that had accompanied him until then to de Barros Schelotto. Gallardo, at the end, I was left no choice but to take a risk and go back to the four defenses, the scheme that took him to the end.

At the time of the party, River finally managed to tie the game again. Izquierdoz, trying to avoid the punch head from Pratto, gave the ball the only direction that had forbidden. Nothing could make Rossi, imperial despite the two goals received. Not so much Armani, insecure in the first goal but redeemed in the final stretch, at which Mouth it came much more as a whole. Intervened in a crucial way on the discount to deny Benedetto the goal of his life.

After so much suffering, so many emotions discharged, the party had to be postponed was no contest. If the tie is repeated in the Monumental, within two weeks, everything would be resolved in the extension. And ultimately, in a penalty shootout. Can you imagine a final Libertadores River-Boca resolved to 'criminal'? Cardiologists argentines already tremble. Would not be a living heart in Buenos Aires.

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Date Of Update: 13 November 2018, 20:00

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