Cory's Corner - Aaron Rodgers Is Not a Camp Distraction

Veteran players won't want to continue answering questions about Rodgers 2021 season or beyond.

Cory's Corner - Aaron Rodgers Is Not a Camp Distraction

It's a tedious job, I know.

Aaron Rodgers has been like a strange uncle who eats your entire food, sleeps on your sofa and controls the TV remote.

Rodgers did all these things while he was away. It's quite amazing, right? Rodgers can speak a lot, but not say anything. In the Kenny Mayne tribute interview in May, Rodgers artfully used sidestepping to remain coy about what exactly is going on.

This is what I don’t get about this whole thing. Rodgers allowed the whole thing to grow and fester. Rodgers has allowed national pundits access to this ever-growing monster that somehow got bigger, even though no one really understands what it is.

Why is this? Rodgers has never thrown his hands into the air and said "Hey, all eyes are on me." This is why the offseason was so difficult." When Rodgers does this, a lot more people will understand him. We all know that he is a complicated guy, as Packers president Mark Murphy has confirmed.

With veterans expected to report to training camp the morning of July 27, that is a bad place to begin. How excited do veterans think they will be ranting about this issue after the second day? Fans have grown tired of this situation fast, and players won't want to discuss it.

Will Rodgers turn up? He will, I believe. He won't be fined $50,000 per hour if he does. He will, however, show up with evidence. His offseason was full of everything but football, so many will be curious to see if he arrives at camp feeling rested or ready to go.

This will mark Rodgers' 14th season with the Packers. He just wanted to get out of football after another bitter playoff taste.

Rodgers is still on this team. He is the three-time MVP. He is able to do things that most NFL players only dream about on a football field. Rodgers can make an oblong piece pigskin dance and float as it falls into the arms of its target.

Rodgers is so good. He's probably the league's best pure passer. He is the greatest quarterback? Nope. This honor would be awarded to another No. The 12th is from Tampa Bay. Tom Brady is willing to sacrifice for the team and has won seven awards with fancy finger candy.

Are Rodgers capable of doing such things? Although I believe he could, we aren't sure. Brady was busy pitching to his teammates and trying to improve his timing, while Rodgers was scaling cliffs in Hawaii.

The best chance for the Packers of winning a fifth Super Bowl is Rodgers. There's a fine line between trying to win a championship while having fun and excitement.

Is Rodgers going to need an offseason? It's unlikely. But being a great quarterback does not mean being able spot and throw open Davante Adam. Understanding how long Allen Lazard is able to stay open due to media coverage is key. It also means understanding the importance of playing with rookie Amari Rodgers, a true slot wideout.

Although training camp is over, Rodgers made this offseason seem a decade. When the indecisive Green Bay Hall of Famer questions stop, it can be easy to lose track of time.

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