Hacks for Shopping Cheaply on Steam by Effortless Gift Cards

Hacks for Shopping Cheaply on Steam by Effortless Gift Cards

Who plays video games the most today - men or women? While the number of those who enjoy video games is very close, it is mostly men who declare themselves to gamers, confirming the fact that this industry is still dominated by males.

According to a questionnaire, 50% of the surveyed men stated that they play video games. While on the other hand, 48% of members of the "fairer sex" confirmed the same activity.

This proves the fact that today video games are very common in modern society.

We can not play a good game online today if we don't buy it first. So people are often in doubt which digital platform is the best to shop for video games. Steam is the largest digital distribution platform which has 95 million active users per month.

Here are some hacks on how you can make a cheaper purchase on Steam by Effortless Gift Cards.

Follow Discounts on Steam

Steam often has many discounts and sale events on the games. There are a couple of big sales every year, with smaller sales in between. So stay up to date and follow all the news so you can buy games for yourself and your loved ones at a lower price.

By giving someone a gift card from Effortless Gift Cards, you can encourage them to follow steam sales and find their favorite game for less money. There are Daily Deals and Flash Deals. They change every 24-48 hours.

Be aware that savings can be pretty massive. If you miss your chance to join one of these sales, there are also Flash Deals that change a little more often but can also save you money. There are a lot of options, and you just need to keep tracking.

Use Steam Wallet Codes

Steam wallet codes have the same use as gift cards do. Effortless Gift Cards allow you to buy them online by visiting their site. Steam codes are used by users to activate the desired game. When the Steam code is entered, you can download the game and play it as if you bought it.

Steam codes are worth the same when converted to the currency you use, regardless of where and how they were purchased. You can buy them for yourself or give them as a gift to someone you know is already on the Steam platform.

Buy Gift Cards From Third-Party Sites

Steam offers a lot of games. There are over 2000 games of various genres. People of different ages and interests use the platform, but with so many choices that Steam offers, everyone will surely find something for themselves.

One way to buy cheaper games on Steam is to get gift cards from third-party sites. Effortless Gift Cards offer you a way to surprise someone like your friend or family member because we know everyone loves personalized gifts.

This can be the perfect gift for a gamer. So visit the sites and choose the best gift cards for your loved ones. And if they don't like the gift, Steam will refund your money in your currency or transfer it to your Steam wallet.

Beta Test PC Games on Steam for Free

Game developers create a game and release a beta version for testing. Testing video games is important because of their development and for the process of software testing to control the quality of a video game. The primary function of game testing is to detect and document software flaws (errors).

If you are a passionate gamer, this is a good opportunity to get a beta version of the specific game that you want to own. And also a cheaper solution because the finished game costs far more than the beta version.

Steam now offers free beta testing of video games, and this is one of the ways you can own a game cheaper when the testing is over. If a friend buys you a gift card from Effortless Gift Cards, it may be one of the reasons to join the Steam playtest.

Use Bundles

The best way to increase your savings is to use Bundles while shopping on Steam. Be sure that this is the way to get the best price every time you consider shopping for a game.

Steam Bundles are used to connect multiple packages of games that a platform offers. Bundles make it possible to get a video game much cheaper or even a couple of them if you plan to take several video games at once.


We all want to find the best way to get gaming cheaper. The less you spend on your games, the more games you can get. We hope you found this useful!

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