Pros and Cons of a Magnificent Wedding You Should Know

Almost all the girls around the world want to have a magnificent chic wedding

Pros and Cons of a Magnificent Wedding You Should Know

Almost all the girls around the world want to have a magnificent chic wedding. But a limited budget always dictates its rules. Is it worth it to get into debt and borrow for the sake of a few days of fun? In this article, we gathered the pros and cons of a magnificent wedding you should know.

Pros of a magnificent wedding

1. The ability to invite a large number of guests

Among those invited to a gorgeous celebration will be friends, relatives,  and acquaintances. All the people with whom the newlyweds would like to share their joy will have the opportunity to attend the wedding and witness the first minutes of the new family.

2. Chic outfit of the bride

A white gorgeous wedding dress is a dream of many girls since childhood. Sometimes even an adult self-sufficient woman deep down wants to wear an airy and fabulously beautiful princess dress. You can choose it in accordance with the latest trends in the world of wedding fashion or order an author's outfit in the eminent salon.

3. The wedding procession

The wedding procession will consist of upscale car models equipped with everything necessary for the convenience and comfort of passengers. Such detail will definitely attract attention.

4. Professional photo and video

An unlimited budget makes it possible to use the services of a professional photographer and videographer. This means that when you will look at the finished footage, it is unlikely that you will be able to see the annoying mistakes of beginners like blurry photos, bad camera angles, or low-quality shots. Services of a wedding photographer who has a vast experience are often quite expensive. However, newlyweds will not be disappointed with the result.

5. A lot of gifts

If a large number of guests are invited to the wedding, it means that a considerable amount of money and many gifts will be presented. All this will be useful in future family life.

6. Banquet

A chic wedding requires a lush festive table and a beautiful restaurant. Here would be no cheap drinks and untasty foods.

7. Ceremony

With a sufficient budget, many newlyweds choose to perform a ceremony in different beautiful places. You can get married on a rented boat, in a beautiful venue, on exotic islands or in other romantic places around the world.

Cons of a magnificent wedding

1. Guests

If you invite a large number of guests, you may not know many of them. Tipsy guests can say incorrect things, share intimate memories about young people, and even start a fight. There is also the option that among the invitees there will be strangers who in no way concern the family or circle of friends of the newlyweds.

2. Useless dress

Any wedding dress (even the most fashionable and fabulously beautiful) will be worn only once in a lifetime for a wedding party. Is it worth giving a significant amount of money for a wedding outfit, so that after two days it will be placed into the closet? This is another serious argument in favor of a simple wedding.

3. Junk gifts

Among the gifts may be both useful and completely unnecessary things. Many people rely on the number of invitees and present outright rubbish or donate nothing at all, taking advantage of the fact that gifts are lost in total.

4. Unpredictable situations

A large number of guests are difficult to control. This means that a magnificent exit ceremony can easily turn into a disaster. Someone can accidentally touch an antique thing in the rented palace. This may cost you a significant amount of money and spoiled celebration. Someone can get lost in an unfamiliar city, turning the holiday into an exciting search with the involvement of the police.

Updated Date: 10 March 2020, 13:54

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