Shipping, service, prices: This is the best parcel service

Christmas is around the corner.

Shipping, service, prices: This is the best parcel service

Christmas is around the corner. The weeks before are both a sales driver and a challenge for parcel services every year. Shipping, service, prices - the test by the German Institute for Service Quality answers how the companies are doing here.

First of all: With 71.2 points, the parcel services achieved a good overall result in the current study of five providers by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ). The overall good price level of the providers tested is decisive for the successful performance, although a comparison is often worthwhile.

The test shows some significant price differences for all package sizes examined. At the top, consumers can save almost 59 percent with the cheapest provider compared to the most expensive provider.

The good news when it comes to shipping: In the test, all 50 packages reach the recipient. Less pleasing: On average, the packages only arrive after around three days - compared to preliminary studies in recent years, the shipping time has thus continuously increased. A major customer annoyance also occurs in the test: almost every tenth parcel is delivered to a parcel shop or branch, even though the recipient is at home.

When accepting and delivering, the employees handle the parcels with care. However, the DISQ tested whether this also applies to the transport route using so-called shock indicators with which the packages were prepared. The result: Almost every third package is exposed to strong impacts or vibrations during shipping.

In addition, almost half of the shipments are externally damaged or dirty. Markus Hamer, Managing Director of DISQ, draws a mixed balance: "Probably everyone has had bad experiences with parcel services that will be remembered. In the test, too, there were sometimes improper handling of parcels and unreliable deliveries on the shipping route. Overall, Most parcel services are still convincing, although there is still room for improvement when it comes to service and shipping."

With the quality rating "good", DHL emerged as the test winner from the study. The delivery and collection of the parcels as well as their delivery is successful in all test cases. In a comparison of providers, the consignments also reach the recipient the fastest. The website offers a high level of information, for example with information on insurance cover and the option of an online research order. E-mail inquiries are answered correctly and in a structured manner. In addition, DHL offers the largest number of payment options for online franking and orders.

Second place is taken by GLS (quality rating: "good"). The company offers the best overall prices for self-delivery of parcels, both online and in the branch. The costs for national shipping are always below the industry average in the test. On the phone, the employees also give advice in a comprehensible and confident manner.

Hermes is in third place, also with a good result. In terms of service, the company is second best and convinces both in the shipping tests and with a good online service, which includes a website with clear and structured content.

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