Anti-semitism is the hatred of our own culture

I read two of the books that make me laugh, cry, think. Finnish people In Employees, , ”the Last train to Moscow: Two friends, two destinies, in a jewish famil

Anti-semitism is the hatred of our own culture

I read two of the books that make me laugh, cry, think. Finnish people In Employees, , ”the Last train to Moscow: Two friends, two destinies, in a jewish family,” and was the director of the Eve Odrischinskys , ”Like everyone else, My jewish family and me.” The titles signal the diversity of style and theme: the end of their perilous flight to the east at the beginning of the war (Nelson), as well as the post-war, complexity of the jewish identity of the Odrischinsky). Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, it complements and enriches the other.

In Finland, there was more to it than that no more than a couple of hundred people who arrived around the year 1900, and joined the finland-Swedish minority. Employees and Odrischinskys ancestors emigrated, both of which, like Includes: , it can be noted from the Vitebsk, in present-Belarus. Catherine II established in 1791, the jewish neighbourhood, which was later extended to a wide corridor from Latvia to the north, Poland and Lithuania, to Ukraine, to the south. It was here that one-half of the world's jews, until Hitler's Operation Barbarossa, when the 4.5-million German army in the summer of 1941, the invasion of the Soviet union.

It is of jewish heritage, was a no-go zone.

”the Last train to Moscow” - writes the compelling story of how Russia's and Eastern europe was to become ”the world's largest judestat”. In addition to that, a personally-coloured biography of the Employees of the mother's crafty cousin of the Mascha is a woman who, at the last moment to save herself and her husband escaped the mass murder of Latvian jews during the nazi German occupation began July 1, 1941. Of the 95.000 survived the 5,000.

the Center, of Latvia, in december 1941.Photo by: < / b> at wikimedia commons

Including the musicians, Mascha, and Joseph , the ports of the republic of Kazakhstan, working on the collective farm and harvest the fruit. As In getting to know her mother's älsklingskusin is That an adult and has been taking the train for Moscow, as the Finnish ambassador. And Mascha, a second and a third time, rescued his small family, first to Israel and then to Germany.

Nyberg's Swedish mother was raised in an orthodox jewish family, who disowned her in 1937, after his marriage to a non-jew before. Mr Nelson notes that, despite his christian upbringing under the nazi raslagar in Nuremberg in 1935, is a ”mixed breed of the first degree”. He was in a German school, and became a fellow of the Finnish SS-soldiers ' children. It is of jewish heritage, was a no-go zone, and the mother is believed to have converted to protestantism, and after the Winter war in 1940.

Odrischinskys captivating journey, marked by the mid-1970s vänsterrörelse.

Eve Odrischinskys's father, was found with her mother in Stockholm's jewish setting, and of the father, and his uncle, Petjas , the little girl grows up in a warm community of jewish families in the city of Helsinki. As a teenager, rebels and she, have a German boyfriend, and falls in love with an ITALIAN-miss. Odrischinskys captivating journey, marked by the mid-1970s vänsterrörelse, and by the 90's nyandlighet. This is where I laugh. Not the least, the after Eva yesterday, one was published by the flumkurs in France, and you will suddenly realize that she was actually born to ”an ancient tradition of very carefully, in the smallest detail, is regulated the intercourse with the sky, how a little bit of for my family than the thought of God.” So, what's she doing in there?

in the timeless quiet of the mother as the widow of the floor to take his own life, changing The life direction she was going back to the jewish people, now, in the sense of ”the mystery of the mother's inside'. Eva is writing a jiddischkurs in Oxford, england, for the English are the mother's main language. It is here that I cry.
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”Tsu refoe” (whether it be for the refreshment), " said Odrischinskys mother, when she was coming in with their kids in the bath towels after the kvällsbadet. This expression leads to a striking description of the jiddischens historiebärande, the healing nature: ”tsu” is, in German, ”refoe” is the biblical Hebrew language. In this way, the write Odrischinsky, ”lived to the east and the west, the distant and less distant past, to the time when the jews dwelt in Palestine, and the period of time when they lived in the Rhineland, the Ashkenaz, before they were driven to the east, and had been received in Poland, where the jiddischen came to be.”

They rarely spoke to less than seven languages, are often a dozen or so.

in English, is a non-territorial language bears the marks of historic jewish journey. It is spoken by over 12 million people before the second world war. The healing is in the language ”that allows one to speak in many languages at the same time and not have to be careful not to mix up their language”, to reflect the Odrischinsky.

it May also be the opposite: with a språkstam, and the slavic, German, Hebrew, aramaic, and romance, in English, the word, was able to jiddischen to be an entry point to the youth, who has long argued, formed the jews living in Europe. ”This is a wonderful, murderous continent”, that is, Amos Oz to formulate the sense of the kind of Europe that they have been forced to flee from it.

Diasporajudarna of Israel could not let go of his ambivalent love for european culture that they themselves have, for generations, have been so well - ”A tale of love and darkness”). Out of respect for the culture, the type of Oz, he read all the books in the european languages, however, ”are probably dreaming they are in English”. They rarely spoke to less than seven languages, are often a dozen or so.

this is where I start to think of it. Could it be that the jews, who have so ardently embraced the culture, language, and education, more so than any other, understood the essence of Europe? Hannah Arendt is called, the jews were the only 'pan-european' people, ' says Nelson.

what is Left is a hatred of our shared cultural history, also known as anti-semitism.

it is Clear that the jews have embraced the idea of Europe. Ounce all over again: ”There they were, thus, these over-enthusiastic eurofiler, who was able to speak many of the languages of Europe, and to recite its poetry, who believed that Europe's moral superiority, appreciated its ballet and opera, cultivated its heritage, dreamed of a postnationell agreement, and admired their style, clothes, fashion, that, since the beginning of the jewish enlightenment, for decades, without conditions and without restraint was still in Europe, and have done everything that was humanly possible to please in every way, make a contribution, get involved, with the frantic life, trying to penetrate the cool of the hostility, become friends, to make, to be accepted, loved,...”

- Hannah Arendt.Photo credit: UNKNOWN:

”It's the loss of that view as ”the jewish people” is defined as any abnormal and strange. What is left is a hatred of our shared cultural history, also known as anti-semitism. That is, when the Olga Tokarczuk , annoys the real mad at the president of Poland by pointing out that the Polish culture would not exist without the Polish, the jews.

Joseph, Seaman, rot up the side of the coin of Europe.

But the story is also the paradox of the pages. Mr Nelson said: when his grandtante Mascha managed to emigrate with a family from soviet latvia to Israel in 1971 and she realizes that her husband, the violinist Joseph Seaman left to rot up the side of the coin of Europe. Quickly, she finds a way. He is going to apply to become a ”folktysk” as ”belonging to the German culture”. How so?

" Well, he is, of course, balttysk of the jews, also graduated from the musical academy in Berlin and is fluent in German, Latvian, Russian, yiddish, Hebrew, and probably in a couple of languages). All said and done. In 1974, they move to Berlin, becoming a German citizen, and he flourishes.

in Europe, the continuous present janus-like appearance.



the Last train to the city of Moscow. Two friends, two destinies, one of jewish history.

The 250's.


Like all the others. To my jewish family and me.

The 200's.

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Ebba Witt-Brattström is professor of nordic literature at Helsinki university, and colleagues at the Swedish newspaper Expressen kultursida. She is part of the SL literature cited. Her most recent book is ”the History of metoo-bang” .

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