Artist, 5, with leukaemia, will get the support from the Blue and white

Lowe's Kaldéus, who is the son of god into the physical therapist in the brilliant Blue-white, Roland Kaldéus was a little less than two years old when he got

Artist, 5, with leukaemia, will get the support from the Blue and white

Lowe's Kaldéus, who is the son of god into the physical therapist in the brilliant Blue-white, Roland Kaldéus was a little less than two years old when he got leukemia.

In the two-and-a-half-years, treated him with heavy medication, and he was completed in August of 2018.

Just days before the Blåvitts a friendly match against Denmark was the players and the leaders of the Blue and in a notice of a training session.

the Artist was, once again, had leukemia.

" Darius told me before the workout that Lowe's had to come back to leukemin. It was hard to focus on training for the August Erlingmark after the game against Aalborg.

Prior to the game against Aalborg in the bar of the players in Blue and white t-shirts with the words ”Struggling Artist” on it.

the t-Shirts that Blåvittspelarna of the bar before the match against Denmark.Photo by: < / b> by MICHAEL ERICHSEN / BILDBYRÅN

" It is really nice. It really means a lot to the Artist as well. All of the guys on the team are his friends, " he said. When the newspapers wrote about the t-shirts, and for him, so he asked me: ”Elizabeth, all of me, now?” "says his father, Roland Kaldéus. lowe's life hung in the balance
Roland Kaldéus say that it's exactly 38 days ago, they suspected that something was not right with the Artist.

" He was a bit tired, sagging, pale, feverish, and had pain in his legs. He was also a lot of bleeding from the nose, and it never stopped bleeding. At the end of threw that he of the blood, it was the final sign that we suspected something and gets restless, " he said.

out Of the 38 days, Roland and his wife have been in the hospital for 35 days.

" those days, we might have been at home for half the day. It has been three days since the 22nd of January, we have been released from the hospital. It's not so much fun, " says Roland Kaldéus.

When Lowe's started using the medicine and treatment for the first time, he became seriously ill. So sick that his life hung in the balance.

" He's got a ship to Copenhagen, and was in for a heart and lung machine known as ECMO) and he was so weakened by the drugs. He didn't even have a regular virus. At the end he got a hole in his lungs and he had to stay in the machine for two weeks, "says Roland, and add the following:

" Which didn't bother us, we are not of the leukemia, which was the only on to survive. It was just awful.

”You're scarred of being a parent” < / span>

" You're right, scarred of being a parent. You have to have the courage to trust life again and to find their way back to the life you have been living in a bubble. All the focus has been on the Artist. For a while after that, he said he had been completed we felt that we were on our way to find our way back to the living, as all of the others.

But that was not the case.

the Artist once again had leukemia.

" his Feet were off the hook in the us. There will be a two-and-a-half years, again, with the heavy-duty drugs, so that when Artist reaches the age of eight years old, he has been given heavy medication for five years, " he said.

" no, No, it's actually not. We have not been there myself, so it's not possible for you to understand. However, I can tell you that this is the worst thing to happen to a parent.

”You realize what is the most important thing in the life.”

When Lowe's had leukemia for the first time, he went not to the pre-school at all for the duration of the treatment. Secondly, on the basis of the infektionskänsligheten are the side effects of the treatment, but also with the fear that he would be hit by a new virus.

this time, too, to learn Lowe's missed the better part of the pre-school.

" He's often asked about her friends and about school. He wonders when he will be able to go back, but we can't give him an answer when he gets to meet his friends again, " says Robert.

" Certainly. To see what is the most important thing. There are very few things that are important when everything comes to a head. He's our little fighter-nick Lowe. He is awesome and amazing.

In the Blåvitts the match against market drayton in the cup, waiting for a new manifestation of the Artist. Then, the present the Blue-white of their new all-white football jerseys, in anticipation of the new blårandiga matchtröjorna.
An article by the new matchtröjorna as the Blue and white will introduce you to Buddhism.Photo by: < / b> IFK Gothenburg / IFK Göteborg, sweden

In the spring, the matchtröjorna to be auctioned off to benefit the children's cancer foundation, through the lowe's collection, as his aunt, started out on the same day that he had leukemia for the first time.

" It is really nicely done, from the side of the page. We definitely feel strong support from the whole birth. The Swedish childhood cancer foundation's work is important to you. They do so much for the progress of the research, as well as to facilitate and support the us and the affected families, " said Roland Kaldéus.

this is what the Max Markusson about the initiative.

" What are the Rolles of colleagues who have joined the initiative, and it's a good feeling to be able to view all of the club's support of the family. It is impossible to understand what they are going through right now, but we'll be thinking of them very much, " says the IFK Gothenburg's sporting director, Max Markusson.

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