Carlsen warns of the dangers of Caruana: "It's the worst opponent possible"

"Is the only one along with Aronian I overflowed in several games," says the current champion, with only three points advantage in the rankings To one side

Carlsen warns of the dangers of Caruana:

"Is the only one along with Aronian I overflowed in several games," says the current champion, with only three points advantage in the rankings

To one side of the board, Magnus Carlsen, of Norway, who turns 28 years old during the duel; on the other, the american Fabiano Caruana, who is 26. This will be the fourth World Championship that dispute Carlsen and the first one to Fabiano. The competition most important of the chess is only held every two years, and the process to become the challenger of the champion is very demanding.

Caruana has not only won the qualifying tournament that made him a candidate, but also, with their results in 2018, has risen in the world ranking, threatening to displace Carlsen from its number one position: in the end it was just three points to overtake him before the duel. The Norwegian topped the list with 2.835 points; Caruana continues with 2.832. The difference is so insignificant that none can be considered objectively a favorite.

10-5 in the face-to-face

In their previous meetings, Carlsen defeated Caruana in 10 times the player Florida has won five and 18 other items ended up in tables. Both were measured for the first time in 2010, when they were only teenagers. In their last meeting, in August, Magnus had to Fabiano against the ropes, but left out the victory.

"On paper, Caruana is without a doubt the worst opponent possible, the only along with Aronian me has overflowed into several consignments", support the champion. Both have been tremendously precocious: Carlsen won the title of grandmaster when he was 13 years and four months; Caruana did so with 14 years and 11 months.

London, 18 years after

The impressive college of Holborn, a victorian building in the centre of London, will be the site of the duel. The number of spectators in situ is restricted to 400 per day; entries with a cost between 68 and 130 euros, they are almost sold out. The last time that London hosted a World chess championship was in the year 2000, when Garry Kasparov has bitten the dust for the first time in his career in a match against another human being, Vladimir Kramnik.

12 games for medium

The duel was a dispute to the best of 12 items: the first today, and the last on the 26th of November; in case of a tie, play a tie-break games semirrápidas day 28. The protagonists have a day of rest for every two days of play.

A million bag

Both players are dealt a million euros: 60% to the winner and 40% to the loser. Besides, you will receive 20% of the revenues earned by the pay-per-view, and a percentage not revealed what they bring to the sponsors. With those amounts, and taking into account the average duration of the games, we could estimate that the loser pockets around 1,000 euros per play, and the champion, about 1,500.

Polemic relay

The games can be followed via the official website (of payment), Other platforms, such as also will offer the games live and free of charge, but without images of the game room. AGON, the company that owns the image rights, has tried to prevent these retransmissions parallel, but several courts have ruled already against you, given that the movements of a game of chess can not be considered the property of anyone.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 12 November 2018, 20:00

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