Dropping out of high school, she is now champion of the world

In the course of the weekend was a huge e-sport "carneval" in Dubai which is the largest damturneringen in the history of e-sport " was held, with the equiva

Dropping out of high school, she is now champion of the world

In the course of the weekend was a huge e-sport "carneval" in Dubai which is the largest damturneringen in the history of e-sport " was held, with the equivalent of a million dollars in the prize pool. In the Girlgamer Esports Festival was held at the tournaments for both League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In the second tournament I was attending, the Swedish, the hope of the Mayan ”Caltys” Henckel, 17, who plays for the French Out-of-the-Blue. The team took the obesegrat throughout the tournament and was in the end who is the winner.

the SportExpressen reach Caltys as she has just landed in Sweden after a six-hour flight, and an intense, week-end.

" a Little tired, I am, she admits.

in the Face of the tournament, so she was confident that the team would take the win, but it didn't come without its challenges. The team's first match would be played at 11: 00 am on Friday, was delayed, and delayed, and it was at the end of at the the 23.

" You can always count on a little bit of delay, but I didn't think it would be so extreme.

”Thought it was going to be more difficult
having said that, we kept the team focused and drove all over the us, the Galaxy J with Esports from singapore in their first match, and in which the Caltys was the one who impressed the most. The scenario repeated itself, then to the Team's Innovation, and after the first two games, then had Caltys is still not eliminated, in a single day.

I looked at the other teams, and I was pretty confident that we would win, and that is what we did. However, we caught up with the other regions such as south Korea and Brazil, and we had never met them before, " says Caltys.

in the first two games would go in that easily, she had not expected.

" I thought it was going to be a bit more difficult.

in Swedish, the AD-Carry role in the team, and looked out at the lot on the Button, and the Aphelios, two of the champions, which is also the most popular choices among the herrproffsen at the moment.

The English as saying that she doesn't have a champion in the game that he or she prefers, but is adapting all the time to the current patch and the one that is considered to be the greatest.

" I'm playing what's meta, all the time, and I have no real main. I play the ones that are broken, " she says, and bursts out laughing.
in a lot of trouble against their rivals,
the first major challenge came in the semi-finals, in which the Out-of-the-Blue, came up against the european, Grow Up. OOB, lost his first game but managed to equalize the game. In the pivotal game three saw the in contrast, the long dark.

" Grow Up was in the Studio, and they had rivallag. There is a lot of tension between the players, so I think we are playing worse because of it, " says Caltys.

many thanks to the team of Vladimir, who managed to get their key items at the time they could Out of the Blue to turn the game into victory, and thus be ready for the grand finale.

Grow Up, got a chance to reach the finals through the lower bracket of the table, and managed to do it. Another rivalmöte waited, therefore, one of the best-of-five.

But for now, it's nothing to joke about. Suddenly it was march, and Out of the Blue emerged as the winner after a 3-0 win-crushed in the first round.

" We know their strategy, as we did, is really just the same thing, but better. So, when we won.

this can be Caltys her OOB is now the world's top teams on the women's side, the first game of the series, and after a tough weekend, so will now get the team a week off before the next run, at some time in the future.
dropped out of high school to play full-time
the League is a full-time job for a 17-year-old Caltys, who has made the effort to start at the high school, although she eventually dropped out of in order to invest in e-sports. For the fall, she once again applied for, but I hope, really, to avoid the need to return to school, and to be able to put all of their time in the game.

" the law is, as far as I know, the only full-time in the tjejscenen. I should be able to live with it, if I was myself, but then, you don't know if they are allowed to continue in the ten-year period on the same team with the same wage, or, if in the future I would like to play on a team with both boys and girls.

the Mother's Life Henckel talks about the tough decisions that Caltys have been forced to take.

" I said to her, ”you'll get one year to try to have a go at it this time,” and then it just carried on. I think she would have liked to try the high school, but it's hard to keep up with. They make a very great need to practice with the team during the week.

his Mother's aid,
In the course of a normal working week, so is playing the team in a friendly game together in the course of three hours, at the same time, they will also be expected to train on their own for six hours. It's five days a week.

"It's just the weekends that are the exception," says Caltys.

the Players have a fixed salary, but she tells me that the team has not yet been agreed how the prize from Dubai and will be split up among the players and the organization.

Both of her parents were in Dubai for the Caltys's historic victory, and she talks about the importance of their support for her.

" My mom has always been very supportive of the fact that I do what I do. Of course, we have seen what it is like for any other e-sport. And it's really nice to have someone who is there.
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Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 18:00

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