Expert means That the spread of the corona can be a serious crime

Martin Schulz wrote in the first of the Swedish daily newspaper svenska Dagbladet about the legal aspects of the coronavirusets distribution. Coronavirus is one

Expert means That the spread of the corona can be a serious crime

Martin Schulz wrote in the first of the Swedish daily newspaper svenska Dagbladet about the legal aspects of the coronavirusets distribution. Coronavirus is one of the four with no infection risks (along with the ebola, sars, and smallpox) have been classied as both a allmänfarligt and samhällsfarligt.

There are a variety of crimes that can be updated if you actually get infected, and the variety of the crimes connected with spread of infection to affect a single person on the planet, or if it is a danger to the community. It falls into two distinct categories, firstly, personbrott, and secondly, allmänfarliga a crime. What the maximum penalty might be will depend on the nature of the crime, it's all about. It is contagious one could do, for example, to be guilty of assault or aggravated assault cases.

" If you fall into the first category, it is because of what has happened to him. If one dies, it may be responsible for the death of another, or, in extreme cases, the murder of a man has the same vulnerable human beings, the risk of infection and death, but it is, of course, is unlikely. It is usually very difficult to prove that someone is not what other people would be able to die, but it is on the map. The opportunity is there, " says Schultz.

The second category of offences are more likely to be realised. The spread of the poison, and the disease is as a legal classification of the offence, which is very rarely used, but it has been brought to the fore in the past, at the risk of the spread of the hiv virus. There are, in serious cases, with life sentences in the scale of punishment, so it's a very, very serious crime.

claiming ignorance is never a defense
To be able to prove that a person is in default or against the communicable diseases act is a different matter.

"Then you have to show that there is a person who is actually aware of the risk of the spread of disease, and that it had to have taken the risk that it could be done and yet has gone out, and are hosted in the Stores," says Schultz.

and claiming ignorance is never a defense, because everybody has a responsibility to know what the rules are.

in Addition, it is a fact of smittskyddssammanhang to be a rather far-reaching general duty to seek to reduce the risk of the spread of the disease. So ignorance is a poor defense, " says the Article.

This is the Folkhälsomyndigheten, which has the overall responsibility for the smittskyddet in Sweden. The article considers the information that is available about how the individuals should behave in a way, is rather good.

" I've seen a number of doctors have responded to Folkhälsomyndighetens of the information is rather poor, and that they ought to be able to learn more about it. However, I do think that the Folkhälsomyndighetens information, from the legal point of view, is so bad, but smittskyddslagstiftningen is clearly to be found, " says the Article.

Karantänbeslut is not an option, it is the duty of the”
He feels, however, that there is good reason to highlight the risk of criminal liability, which is still available. According to the communicable diseases act have a duty to be ”by the attention, and the " reasonable precautions” to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. If it is known or believed to be infected by any such illness, then you have to take the necessary measures in order to protect others from becoming infected.

" There may be people who have returned from trips in the alps, in northern Italy, and think, ”I'm feeling pretty good, even if I'm coughing a bit so I can still work and allow my children to go to school”, and I believe that there are any major problems with it. This type of behavior, I think it might be useful to let you know that there is a criminal liability risks that are quite far-reaching. This can be a serious crime to go in and cough in the SL bus, or a workplace where it has been the home of the Tuscany region, after the half-term break. Karantänbeslut is not an option, it's an obligation, " says Martin Schulz.

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Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 06:00

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