Hope is rising for Joe Biden, ahead of this weekend's election

The former vice president was one of the hot favourites to become the Democratic party's presidential candidate, but has had a tough start to the primärvalsäso

Hope is rising for Joe Biden, ahead of this weekend's election

The former vice president was one of the hot favourites to become the Democratic party's presidential candidate, but has had a tough start to the primärvalsäsongen. After nomineringsmöten, and the primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, there was nothing to suggest that he would be able to hold on to his position.

the Turmoil continued, and after the figures showed that the gap between him and Bernie Sanders, declined.

”I'm going to win”
on Saturday held primaries in the state of South Carolina, and there's Joe Biden, have said they are certain to take home the victory.

" I'm going to win South Carolina, he said in the debate on the CNN earlier in the week.

Ahead of this weekend's election and stood as a prominent african-american member of congress, James E. Clyburn, behind-the-Biden. This has been interpreted as a strong indication that Biden can count on huge support among african-american voters in the state. Väljargruppen have long been strong supporters of president Barack Obama's former vice president of nigeria.

on Thursday I also got the reinforcement message in the well-respected president of Monmouth University, who put Biden in the lead.

According to the investigation, the office said, 36 per cent of the support of the democratic voters at the same time, as Bernie Sanders and the low of 16 per cent. The candidates are Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, had 8 percent and 4 percent respectively.
Joe Biden is ahead of Bernie Sanders,
the Monmouth University survey shows that Biden has the support of 45 percent of african-american voters, with billionaire Tom Steyer to a second-place finish in the 17 per cent. Steyer has spent large sums of money on advertising campaigns in the region, which have been directed primarily at black voters.

"were side by side look to hold on to their basic payment scheme, among african-americans in South Carolina," says Patrick Murray, who is in charge of the poll at the LA Times.

Among the Bidens, those supporters are hoping that a win in South Carolina should be able to get a candidate that, once again, sailing up as a favourite to challenge Donald Trump's, where Bernie Sanders in the primärvalssäsongens beginning to take a lead.

"I am confident that Joe Biden will win by double digits here, and he's going to do very well in the Supertisdagen," says Dick Harpootlian, one of the local kampanjmedarbetarna, South Carolina, to the Political.

Over in the U.S.
• In the primärvalskampanjen hold the states of the selection, either by man or nomineringsmöten, the so-called caucus.

the Aim is to allocate delegates to the Democratic national convention in Milwaukee, in the summer, when the party's final election as a candidate to be appointed.

• some 4 000 delegates, to be appointed by the electors, and approximately 770 of which are the so-called " superdelegater, who can choose for themselves which candidate they will vote for.

• For a man to have the voters of the entire day to vote and to take their votes, but not necessarily to tell you who they voted for. The number of delegates a candidate receives is decided by how many votes they get.

In a caucus is being held in lieu of meetings, in schools, in churches and in other places. This is where you find the voters and discussing the candidates for a couple of hours, then see who will get their vote is by a show of hands, or in groups.

According to the rules, be turned to candidates who do not receive the 15 per cent of the vote-out, and the voters who supported an eliminated candidate, then vote on your backup alternative. As a result, the one that gets the most votes in the first round, does not have to be the one who wins.

Under the new 2020 strategy-selected candidates by the caucus procedure in Iowa, Nevada, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

• Super Tuesday, the 3rd of march, is particularly important because the voters in the 16 states, communities and territories, in giving their votes.

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Date Of Update: 28 February 2020, 22:00

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