I'm not going to kill myself

Before the Race on Sunday, handbollslegendaren Magnus Wislander had the time to work out a few one-off basis in the summer. the Shape is not so damn good, tha

I'm not going to kill myself

Before the Race on Sunday, handbollslegendaren Magnus Wislander had the time to work out a few one-off basis in the summer.

the Shape is not so damn good, that I can be honest and tell you. There has been a lot of training, given the background, but I've been trying to go a little bit summer, " says Wislander.

the Reason for this is the stroke with which he was at work on an autumn day.

" It's a day that you will never forget, and an event that will stick in your head. It's shaking, not just out of it, " says Magnus Wislander.

READ MORE: , Magnus Wislanders concern for strokenWislander had a stroke then fell to the on-the-job
In October, Magnus Wislander of the work in Its, where he is working as a production manager.

On the way out, he came in, he forgot his lunch box in the kitchen, and went back to retrieve it.

Then it happened.

A walk of 50 feet above the floor. I felt that it began to swim in his eyes, and the fact that something happened in the human body. I thought to myself, ”I'm going to plunge in the concrete floor”. Somehow, I managed to restrain myself, and began to go down on one knee. It was like an electric shock through my whole body. I rolled over and was lying down and was shaking. People came running up. They called for an ambulance and called my wife, who had come thither before, and we went to the hospital, he has been in the past to be told.

”the Hose”, as he was called, had a stroke, then fell to the floor, and was taken to the Sahlgrenska university hospital.

Magnus Wislander during the period of active career development. Ljubomir Vranjes on the left.Photo by: < / b> BJORN LINDGREN / BILDBYRÅN

in the Two months following the stroke, he was back, and drove it at a glance.

Four months after the stroke, he must therefore, to go Between.

" When I had the stroke, I couldn't see in front of me. It was this (the Race) that I saw, which were of my future. I am so thankful that I can move on to and healthy, " says Wislander.


Wislander back, and the two months after the strokenWislander, ”I am reflective” < / span>

" I'm more of a positive attitude. It's all about how you take on the day, but at the same time, I'm thoughtful on what I'm doing, and trying to find a suitable date.

in Addition to the headaches and tiredness, Magnus Wislander, can know of feel, just fine.

" It's very, very good compared to what it could have been. I'm trying to be myself and just do what is required of me, " he said.

Handbollslegendaren has been Fun over the past three years he has been in the Open slot. This year, for the first time, he was going on a Sunday in front of thousands of people.

" It's a bit iffy, but still very exciting. It's an exciting one with the weather and things like that. Even if this is your first ”real” Race for me, so it really doesn't matter. The important thing for me is that I am able to be outside and do some exercise, it's the thought that I don't for a couple of months ago, " says Wislander.
the Race.Photo by: < / b> to: ULF PALM / TT NEWS agency < / span>

" our Goal has always been to take me to the Race and stand at the line of scrimmage. A few months ago, I thought that it would have been great, and now it looks like it is to get rid of.

" no, No, I can't tell you. However, I have to say I'm not going to take the life out of me. I feel like it gets me by. There is nothing that I have to do it, if it gets too bad, we shall see. I'm just glad that I was able to be there and to leave.

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Date Of Update: 28 February 2020, 13:00

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