It was then the 'Harry Potter' stars

the Wizard Harry Potter captivated an entire generation since the first book was released in 1997. A few years later, a series of fortunate barnskådisar the abi

It was then the 'Harry Potter' stars

the Wizard Harry Potter captivated an entire generation since the first book was released in 1997. A few years later, a series of fortunate barnskådisar the ability to interpret the most popular characters on the big screen.

this is The famous trio – Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), has been brilliant careers at the meeting.

But how was it possible for the rest of the ensemble?

Neville Longbottom
the Actor, Matthew Lewis, 30, had the effect that the character of Neville Longbottom in the first ”Harry Potter”movie. With the breakthrough connected Lewis's together with the nice but geeky aura.

However, in the films, once again came to nothing. Matthew Lewis in the outer started to change, and in 2015, he shocked fans by posing with a fake corpse on the cover of ”Attitude” magazine.

According to the Most Swift, was due to the change in the combination of the age of puberty, and the professional's help. Matthew Lewis must have hired a personal trainer, who helped him to get into shape.

" At the rate that's growing in the books, and did I like it. My role, as Matthew Lewis is to coincide with the Nevilles, it has Matthew Lewis had told the People about the future.

Matthew Lewis's metamorphosis went on, unfortunately, a little too quickly for the Year. At the end of the ”Harry Potter”series of films, he needs to wear a ”fat suit” in order to get on to the slightly fuller appearance.

For the role of Harry Potter has been skådespelarkarriären been appealing to Mr Lewis, " on the other hand, seem to love to flourish. In 2018, he is in Italy with his girlfriend, an American, Angela is in trouble.
by Matthew Lewis.After that, the
Actor Tom Felton, 32, recognized the evil character of Draco Malfoy in the ”Harry Potter”series of films. With her blonde hair, and the ability to take on the role of the bully, on the big screen, did the nice man to give life to Harry Potter's rival.

However, in spite of the icy atmosphere in front of the camera, it seems to have been all the more enjoyable from behind. As late as 2018, published Tom Felton a picture on social media of him with the old colleagues, Matthew Lewis, Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger) with the caption (translated):

”my fellow Classmates, and former Hogwarts students.”


at the time of the ”Harry Potter”gang, Tom Felton has had roles in a number of tv shows, but mainly focused on his music.

< Empty-a nice man.The dark arts in harry potter
the Actor, with Natalia Tena, 35, made her debut as an actress in 2002 in the movie ”About a boy”. However, when she took home the role of a character in A Position, which is entered in the fifth ”Harry Potter”film, came the breakthrough.

Just as Tom Felton is engaged to Natalia Tena will also be with us. She sings in the band Molotov Jukebox, but the similarities to the Tom Felton doesn't stop there. According to the BBC, will be the former colleagues, to work together on a sci-fi series, with the title of ”the Queen”.

on top of that, Natalia Tena, has had roles in tv series such as ”Game of thrones” and starred in films such as ”the Afterlife”.

- Natalia Tena.George and Fred Weasley
Oliver and James Phelps, 33, are similar to their characters in the ”Harry Potter” and George and Fred harry Potter and real to the twins.

Neither Oliver or James, and had knowledge of it and I managed to get the role of Ron Weasley's older brothers and sisters.

as For the 'Harry Potter' success, both continued to pursue acting. James bet, is now in the theatre, while Olives have a slightly more successful movie career at the time, including the comedy ”Patchwork” on your resume. In the last year played James Phelps in the fantasyfilmen ”Cadia: The world within”.

in Addition to the it is for both of the brothers, He is also an eager golfer, as Most of the Swift.

Oliver and James Phelps.Harry Potter
the Actor, Bonnie Wright, 29, who played the character of Ron Weasley – Harry Potters best friend, Ron Weasley's younger sister, who later gets married to Harry Potter.

After the last of the ”Harry Potter”movie has premiered and stood by Bonnie Wright behind the camera. Since then she has written and directed music videos, commercials and short films and studied film at the university of gothenburg.

in 2012 she founded her own production company, and has, among other things, made a film about women, aging, focusing on menopause.
Bonnie Wright.Luna's Request
the Actor is austin butler, 28, made famous in the interpretation of the nature of Luna's Request.

But as her connection to Harry Potter, started earlier than that, in which, inter alia, a Mirror, written for. When austin butler was 11 years old, she struggled with anorexia nervosa and then wrote a letter to the ”Harry Potter”author J. K. Rowling – down.

for some time corresponded by letter ruling, which gave the austin butler to pull itself out of the disease. And it was an audition for ”Harry Potter”films, gave to the austin butler, a try, but J. K. Rowling's knowledge, and was cast as Luna.

However, after the ”Harry Potter”were also selected austin butler a change of career. Today, she seems to like the klimataktivist, give lectures, and run a podcast in which she advocates for veganism and a sustainable life style.

Evanna LynchGregory Goyle
Actor Joshua Herdman, 32, who played Draco Malfoy best of Gregory Goyle in the 'Harry Potter' series of films.

to this day, he works as an actor, but it is also doing the martial arts. In particular, the MMA and the jiu jitsu is, his success in the field. Soon, he will also have the opportunity to combine their two passions on the big screen in the movie, ”Cagefighter,” in which he plays a MIXED martial arts champion.
by Joshua Herdman.Vincent Crabbe

the Actor, Jamie Waylett, 30, who played the evil Draco Malfoy's companion, namely Vincent Crabbe. Unfortunately, it seems Jamie Waylett had a problem distinguishing right from wrong, even in the real world.

According to the MTV show to the police in 2009 found a large quantity of marijuana In Wayletts drive, as well as a farm in his home. At the same time, he disappeared abruptly from the output of the ”Harry Potter”series of films. Since then, he has been caught for a minor theft, and damaged property during a riot in London, which led to two years in prison, the BBC reported.

Cho Chang
Katie Leung, 32, made his first post ever in the ”Harry Potter” as the sorcerer's kärleksintresse with Cho Chang.

in Spite of the immediate success of his jumped out of Katie Leung of the skådespelarbanan right after the ”Harry Potter”, and went back to his study.

But faith wanted otherwise, and Katie Leung landed a teaterroll in the last year of school. Then, she has been doing a lot of teaterroller, and at the same time, pushed his main concern, namely, that anti-racism in the skådespelarbranschen, in which she tells her story in a more in-depth in an interview with the BBC in 2016.
Katie Leung.The Harry Potter star: 'I am my own partner”

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